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Questions About "Mystery Shopper" Letter

The RAND Survey Research Group is not affiliated with any "Mystery Shopper" letter or the apparently fraudulent program that it describes. It is a scam. Do not respond to it. We have contacted the appropriate law enforcement authorities and advise anyone who received this letter to ignore all unsolicited offers involving wire transfers that claim to come from RAND. To contact RAND about this issue, please email responseteam@rand.org or call (310) 393-0411 x6212.

Preguntas sobre la carta marcada "Mystery Shopper"

El grupo de investigación RAND encuesta no está afiliado con cualquier carta de "Mystery Shopper" o el programa al parecer fraudulento que describe. Es una estafa. No respondan a la carta. Las autoridades correspondientes han sido contactadas y avisamos a cualquier persona que haya recibido esta carta a ignorar todas las ofertas no solicitadas que implican a transferencias que afirman venir de RAND. Para contactar a RAND sobre este tema, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a responseteam@rand.org o llame al (310) 393-0411 x6212.

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