RAND Graduate Student Summer Associate Program Recent Projects

Listed below are some sample projects students have recently completed (under the direction of a researcher):

  • Effects of health care payment models on physician practice in the United States
  • An evaluation of the impact of organizational partnerships on community resilience
  • A project that ultimately assesses the psychological health, treatment needs, perceived access to treatment, and mental health service utilization of minority subgroups, including women, racial, ethnic, and sexual orientation minorities, in the Department of Defense
  • A project that assesses the portfolio of the Bureau of Democracy, Labor, and Human Right's (Department of State) programs targeted at increasing freedoms of the citizens of Cuba
  • An evaluation of the role public opinion plays in shaping U.S. national security strategy as part of a project examining alternative U.S. strategic approaches to the Asia-Pacific region
  • A project that assesses the emergence of conflict and the propensity for U.S. interventions at the regional level
  • Development of analytical methods for evaluating DOD laboratory research & development
  • A project to help the Army develop a strategy on how to expand the reach of its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) infrastructure into new business areas, thereby consolidating existing legacy information systems into the ERPs
  • Reducing MAF energy costs: Best practices in aviation operations and training
  • A project that focuses on modeling the effects of peers and social networks on adolescent risk behaviors
  • A project that analyzes trends in health insurance enrollment and health care utilization since the Affordable Care Act took effect in 2014
  • A project that analyzes the results of a special operations forces (SOF) survey on attitudes to integrating women into SOF units and the importance of small group cohesion for SOF units