RAND Leadership

  • Michael D. Rich, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Jennifer Gould, Special Assistant to the President
  • Richard Fallon, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Andrew R. Hoehn, Senior Vice President, Research and Analysis
  • Winfield A. Boerckel, Vice President, External Affairs
  • Allison Elder, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Susan L. Marquis, Dean, Pardee RAND Graduate School; Vice President, Emerging Policy Research and Methods
  • Naveena Ponnusamy, Executive Director, Development
  • Charles Ries, Vice President, International
  • Melissa Rowe, Vice President, Global Research Talent
  • Debra Schroeder, Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary, and Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • Donn Williams, Acting Executive Director, Office of Services

Research Unit Management

  • Tim Bonds, Vice President and Director, RAND Arroyo Center
  • Anita Chandra, Director, RAND Justice, Infrastructure, and Environment
  • Ted Harshberger, Vice President and Director, RAND Project AIR FORCE
  • Krishna Kumar, Director, RAND Labor and Population
  • V. Darleen Opfer, Director, RAND Education
  • Jack Riley, Vice President, RAND National Security Research Division; Director, RAND National Defense Research Institute
  • Jeffrey Wasserman, Vice President and Director, RAND Health