Jeremy Arkes

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Adjunct Economist
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Ph.D. in economics, University of Wisconsin


Jeremy Arkes is an adjunct economist working on education, health, and drug policy issues.

Selected Publications

Jeremy Arkes, "Does the economy affect teenage substance use?" Health Economics, 16(1):19-36, 2007

Jeremy Arkes, Stephen J. Carroll, Cathy Krop, Peter A. Morrison, and Ann Flanagan, California's K-12 Public Schools: How Are They Doing?RAND (MG-186), 2005

Jeremy Arkes and Brian Stecher, Rewarding Schools Based on Gains: It's All in How You Calculate the Index and Set the Target, RAND (DRU-2532), 2001

Jeremy Arkes and Jacob Klerman, "Understanding the Link Between the Economy and Teenage Sexual Behavior and Fertility Outcomes," Journal of Population Economics