Marika Booth

Statistical Project Associate
Santa Monica Office


M.S. in biostatistics, University of California at Los Angeles


Marika Suttorp Booth is a statistical project associate at the RAND Corporation. Booth, who has worked with the Southern California Evidence Based Practice Center (EPC) for fifteen years, directs its statistical team. Her past projects include comparing the effectiveness of treatments for low bone density and a meta-analysis of the efficacy and safety of the off-label use of atypical antipsychotics. Currently, Booth is working on a project analyzing the economic cost of drug use. Booth is also a statistical analyst on the RAND Interstitial Cystitis Epidemiology (RICE) study and the casemix adjustment project for adolescent drug treatment. Booth earned her M.S. in biostatistics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Recent Projects

  • Health: The Evidence Based Practice Center
  • Economic Cost of Drug Use
  • Adolescent Health Promotion
  • The Epidemiology of Interstitial Cystitis.
  • Public Safety and Justice: High Intensity-Criminal Alien Apprehension and Prosecution (HI-CAAP) Project.

Selected Publications

Paddock SM, Kilmer B, Caulkins JP, Booth MJ, Pacula RL, "An epidemiological model for examining marijuana use over the life course," Epidemiology Research International, :1-12, 2012

Clemens JQ, Elliott MN, Suttorp M, Berry SH, "Temporal Ordering of interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome and non-bladder conditions," Urology, 80:1227-1232, 2012

Hunter SB, Ramchand R, Griffin BA, Suttorp MJ, McCaffrey D, Morral A, "The effectiveness of community-based delivery of an evidence-based treatment for adolescent substance use," J Subst Abuse Treat, 43:211-220, 2012

Bogart LM, Suttorp MJ, Elliott MN, Clemens JQ, Berry SH, "Validiation of a quality-of-life scale for women with bladder pain syndrome/interstitial cystitis," Quality of Life Research, 21:1665-1670, 2012

Maher AR, Maglione M, Bagley S, Suttorp M, Hu JH, Ewing B, Wang Z, Timmer M, Sultzer D, Shekelle PG, "Efficacy and comparative effectiveness of atypical antipsychotic medications for off-label uses in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis.," JAMA, 306(12):1359-69, 2011

Coker TR, Chan LS, Newberry SJ, Limbos MA, Suttorp MJ, Shekelle PG, Takata GS, "Diagnosis, microbial epidemiology, and antibiotic treatment of acute otitis media in children: a systematic review," JAMA, 304(19):2161-69, 2010

MacLean CH, Newberry SJ, Mojica WA, Khanna P, Issa AM, Suttorp MJ, Lim YW, Traina SB, Hilton L, Garland R, Morton SC., "Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Cancer Risk: A Systematic Review," JAMA, 295(4):403-415, 2006

Mojica WA, Suttorp MJ, Sherman SE, Morton SC, Roth EA, Maglione MA, Rhodes SL, Shekelle PG, "Smoking-Cessation Interventions by Type of Provider: a Meta-Analysis," Am J Prev Med, 26(5):391-401, 2004

Honors & Awards

  • Delta Omega Honor Society, American Public Health Association
  • Gold Medal Award, RAND Corporation


  • U.S. Immigration and Customs official arrests an undocumented immigrant

    Prior Removal and Recidivism

    President Obama's executive action on immigration includes a new program that targets immigration enforcement at those arrested for more serious offenses and those deemed to be risks to national security. Research shows that unauthorized immigrants who have been previously deported are more likely to be rearrested after jail release, so local public safety interests and federal immigration enforcement priorities may well align around immigrants with a record of prior removal.

    Dec 11, 2014 The RAND Blog