Peter Burge

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Associate Director, Choice Modelling and Valuation, RAND Europe
Cambridge Office


M.Sc. in transport, Centre for Transport Studies, University of London; M.Eng. in civil engineering, Imperial College, University of London

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Peter Burge is associate director of RAND Europe's Choice Modelling and Valuation team. A fellow of the RSA, Burge has been at RAND Europe since 2001. His main areas of interest are stated preference market research and discrete choice modelling, and he has been involved in more than 40 studies employing these techniques to address policy issues. Although coming from a transport demand modelling background, he has also applied his experience in the modelling of choice behaviour and quantifying preferences to studies within the health, telecoms, environmental, and postal sectors. Burge received his M.Sc. in transport from the Centre for Transport Studies, University of London, and his M.Eng. in civil engineering from Imperial College, University of London.

Recent Projects

  • Modelling the demand for high-speed rail
  • Developing a preference weighted measure for the outcomes of social care
  • Modelling patients' choices between hospitals
  • Modelling the demand for Royal Mail services in a deregulated business market
  • Customer valuations of improvements to water services

Selected Publications

Leticia Veruete-McKay, Robert Sheldon, Peter Burge and Alison Lawrence "Electronic substitution and postal price elasticities: a customer market approach," in Michael Crew and Paul Kleindofer, Reforming the Postal Sector in the Face of Electronic Competition, Edward Elgar (EP-50240), 2013

Ann Netten, Peter Burge, Juliette Malley, Dimitris Potoglou, Anne-Marie Towers , John Brazier et al, "Outcomes of social care for adults: developing a preference-weighted measure," Health Technology Assessment, 16(16), 2012

Dimitris Potoglou, Peter Burge, Terry Flynn, Ann Netten, Juliette Malley, Julien Forder, John E. Brazier, "Best-worst scaling vs. discrete choice experiments: An empirical comparison using social care data," Social Science and Medicine, 72(10):1717-1727, 2011

Ruth Robertson and Peter Burge, "The impact of patient choice of provider on equity: analysis of a patient survey," Journal of Health Services Research and Policy, 16(Supp 1):22-28, 2011

Peter Burge, Ann Netten and Federico Gallo, "Estimating the value of social care," Journal of Health Economics, 29(6):883-894, 2010

Peter Burge et al., "Investigating the likely behavioural responses to alternative congestion charge schemes in London," Proceedings of the European Transport Conference, Noordwijkerhout, 2007

Peter Burge et al., "The Modelling of Motorcycle Ownership and Commuter Usage: A UK Study," Transportation Research Record, (2031):59-68, 2007

Peter Burge et al., "Do Patients Always Prefer Quicker Treatment? A Discrete Choice Analysis of Patients' Stated Preferences in the London Patient Choice Project," Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 3(4), 2004

Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: BBC News; Financial Times; Public Servant Magazine