Susan Burkhauser

Photo of Susan Burkhauser
Assistant Policy Analyst
Santa Monica Office


M.Phil. in policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; B.S. in policy analysis and management, Cornell University


Susan Burkhauser is a doctoral fellow pursuing a Ph.D. in public policy analysis at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Her specialization is in education policy and her academic concentration is in economics and quantitative methods. She is also an assistant policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. Her research at RAND focuses on K-12 education, school and school district leadership, postsecondary education, and human capital development. She holds an M.Phil. in public policy analysis from the Pardee RAND Graduate School and a B.S. in policy analysis and management from the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University. Before coming to the Pardee RAND Graduate School she worked as a senior analyst at Compass Lexecon, where she conducted both qualitative and quantitative research assisting in the creation of economic expert reports.

Recent Projects

  • New Leaders Program Evaluation
  • Public Housing Integration
  • Education Credentials and Attrition: Evaluation and Modification of the Education Credential Tier Policy
  • Effect of Dual Language

Selected Publications

Pollack, Craig Evan, Harold D. Green Jr, David P. Kennedy, Beth Ann Griffin, Alene Kennedy-Hendricks, Susan Burkhauser, and Heather Schwartz, "The Impact of Public Housing on Social Networks: A Natural Experiment," The American Journal of Public Health (forthcoming)

Burkhauser, Susan; Hanser, Lawrence M.; Hardison, Chaitra M., Elements of success: how type of secondary education credential helps predict enlistee attrition, RAND Corporation (RR-374-OSD), 2014

Gates, Susan M.; Hamilton, Laura S.; Martorell, Francisco; Burkhauser, Susan; Heaton, Paul; Pierson, Ashley; Baird, Matthew; Vuollo, Mirka; Li, Jennifer J; Lavery, Diana Catherine; Harvey, Melody; Gu, Kun, Preparing principals to raise student achievement: implementation and effects of the New Leaders program in ten districts, RAND Corporation (RR-507-NL), 2014

Burkhauser, Susan; Gates, Susan M.; Hamilton, Laura S.; Li, Jennifer; Pierson, Ashley, Laying the foundation for successful school leadership, RAND Corporation (RR-419-RC), 2013

Burkhauser, Susan; Pierson, Ashley; Gates, Susan M.; Hamilton, Laura S., Addressing challenges in evaluating school principal improvement efforts, RAND Corporation (OP-392-NLNS), 2012

Burkhauser, Susan; Gates, Susan M.; Hamilton, Laura S.; Ikemoto, Gina Schuyler, First-year principals in urban school districts: how actions and working conditions relate to outcomes, RAND Corporation (TR-1191-NLNS), 2012

Hardison, Chaitra M.; Miller, L. W.; Li, Jennifer; Schroeder, Amber; Burkhauser, Susan; Robson, Sean; Lai, Deborah, Second-language skills for all?: analyzing a proposed language requirement for U.S. Air Force officers, RAND Corporation (TR-1189-AF), 2012

Honors & Awards

  • Susan Way-Smith Memorial Award FY2013, Pardee RAND Dissertation Awards