Louay Constant

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Policy Researcher; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in public policy and administration, University of Kentucky; M.S. in agricultural economics, University of Kentucky; B.A. in economics, University of Notre Dame


Louay Constant is a policy researcher at the RAND Corporation and a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. He has conducted research and analysis on both domestic and international education and social policy issues. Constant's work has focused on education reform in the K-12 and postsecondary contexts. He has worked on projects that have examined the link between national skills demand and supply, and he has conducted research on national efforts to implement education, training, and labor market reforms to address human resource deficits, mainly in the Middle East. Constant also has been involved in projects examining U.S., state, and school district efforts at improving school leadership, citywide efforts to improve out-of-school time provision, and challenges facing U.S. middle schools. Constant earned his Ph.D. in public policy and administration from the University of Kentucky.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Adjunct Instructor, University of Southern California

Recent Projects

  • Design and Implementation of Qatar K-12 Education Reform
  • Qatar Postsecondary Study
  • Supporting the Research, Policy, and Strategic Planning Department
  • Arab Human Capital Study

Selected Publications

Vernez, Georges, Shelly Culbertson, Louay Constant, Strategic Priorities for Improving Access to Quality Education in the Kurdistan Region - Iraq, RAND Corporation (MG-1140-1-KRG), 2014

Hansen, Michael L., Howard J. Shatz, Louay Constant, Alexandria Smith, Krishna B. Kumar, Heather Krull, Artur Usanov, Strategies for Private-Sector Development and Civil Service Reform in the Kurdistan Region - Iraq, RAND Corporation (MG-1117-1-KRG), 2014

Constant, Louay, Charles A. Goldman, Gail Zellman, Catherine H. Augustine, Titus Galama, Gabriella C. Gonzalez, Cassandra M. Guarino, Rita Karam, Gery Wayne Ryan, and Hanine Salem, "Promoting Quality and Variety Through the Public Financing of Privately Operated Schools in Qatar," Journal of School Choice, 4(4):450-473, 2010

Louay Constant, Vazha Nadareishvili with Hanine Salem, A Survey of Qatari Secondary School Seniors: Methods and Results, RAND (TR-577-QATAR), 2008

Gabriella Gonzalez, Lynn Karoly, Louay Constant, Hanine Salem, and Charles Goldman, Facing Human Capital Challenges of the 21st Century, RAND (MG-786), 2008

Dominic J. Brewer, Catherine H. Augustine, Gail L. Zellman, Gery Ryan, Charles A. Goldman, Cathleen Stasz, Louay Constant, Education for a New Era: Design and Implementation of K-12 Education Reform in Qatar, RAND (MG-548-QATAR), 2007

Honors & Awards

  • Gold Merit Bonus Award (shared), RAND