Andrew Daly

Senior Research Fellow
Off Site Office


B.A. in mathematics, Oxford University


Andrew Daly is a senior research fellow at RAND Europe, where his research focuses on choice modelling. He is also a research professor at the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds, visiting professor at the Centre for Transport Studies, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and the developer and supporter of the ALOGIT software package for choice modelling.

Before RAND Europe, Daly was based primarily in The Netherlands, where he was a founder and director of Hague Consulting Group, a small leading-edge transport consultancy. He joined RAND Europe in 2001 with the merger of the organisations, continuing to work in The Netherlands and then in Cambridge. His role in the work of the Cambridge office is to make his long experience of transport modelling available to enhance the scientific basis of choice modelling work, bringing state-of-the-art university research to policy studies. His work in The Netherlands, the UK and elsewhere, particularly in northern Europe, has given Daly a range of contacts which helps colleagues in collaborative projects and provides them access to leading researchers around the world.

Daly publishes extensively and is the author of about 200 papers, many of them published in the leading transportation and other journals. He is a regular reviewer for professional journals, founding and permanent committee member of the International Choice Modelling Conference and an organiser of the 2015 Conference of the International Association or Travel Behaviour Research.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Research Professor, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds; Visiting Professor at the Centre for Transport Studies, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm; Proprietor, ALOGIT Software & Analysis Ltd.

Recent Projects

  • Long-distance travel demand modelling in the UK, US and Norway
  • Methods for the analysis of panel data
  • Analysis of stated preference data in numerous contexts, and incorporating attitudes into choice models based on stated preferences
  • Development of advice to the UK Department for Transport on variations in the cost sensitivity of travellers
  • Large-scale travel demand models for The Netherlands, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, and Sydney

Selected Publications

James Fox, Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess, Eric Miller, "Temporal transfer of models of mode and destination choice," Journal of Transport and Land Use, 2014 (forthcoming)

Stephane Hess and Andrew Daly, Handbook of Choice Modelling, Edward Elgar, 2014

Andrew Daly, Flavia Tsang and Charlene Rohr, "The value of small time savings for non-business travel," Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 48(2), 2014

Charlene Rohr, James Fox, Andrew Daly, Bhanu Patruni,Sunil Patil, Flavia Tsang, "Modelling Long-Distance Travel in the UK," Transportation Research Record, 2344:144-151, 2013

Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess and Kenneth Train, "Assuring finite moments for willingness to pay in random coefficient models," Transportation, 39(1):19-31, 2012

Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess and Gerard de Jong, "Calculating errors for measures derived from choice modelling estimates," Transportation Research B, 46:333-341, 2012

Andrew Daly, Stephane Hess, Bhanu Patruni, Dimitris Potoglou and Charlene Rohr, "Using ordered attitudinal indicatos in a latent variable choice model: a study of the impact of security on rail travel behaviour," Transportation, 39(2):267-297, 2012

Andrew Daly and Michel Bierlaire, "A General and Operational Representation of GEV Models," Transportation Research B, 40:285-305, 2006

Honors & Awards

  • Lifetime Achievement Award, 2012, International Association of Travel Behaviour Research