Jacqueline Lynne Du Bois

Assistant Policy Analyst
Santa Monica Office


M.A. in economic policy analysis, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; M.S. in mechanical engineering, University of California, Berkeley; B.S.E. in mechanical engineering, Princeton University


Jacqueline Du Bois is a Ph.D. candidate at the Pardee RAND Graduate School and an assistant policy analyst at RAND. Since receiving her M.A. in economic policy analysis from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Du Bois has worked as a statistical programmer at Westat studying the impact of expenditure calculation methodologies on the reporting of poverty levels in countries located in sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. She has also analyzed expenditure data to study the impact of public expenditure allocations on social welfare in sub-Saharan Africa, a task performed while at the International Food Policy Research Institute.

Du Bois was introduced to the field of economics and policy after her career as a project engineer at a small engineering consulting firm led her to the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO). At TEDCO, she paired tech-company entrepreneurs with University of Maryland System expertise and helped them compete for federal funding. She also served as the companies' liaison to the federal program managers who were charged with adjudicating the relevance of intellectual property to agency missions. Du Bois's first master's degree, from the University of California, Berkeley, is in the thermal sciences. She seeks to explore research interests that allow her to pair her understanding of energy production and greenhouse gases with the economics of energy creation and climate change mitigation. She is also interested in issues of national competitiveness, labor, and political ecology.