Patricia A. Ebener

Photo of Patricia Ebener
Senior Researcher
Santa Monica Office


B.A. in sociology, Johns Hopkins University


Selected Publications

Patricia Ebener and Beau Kilmer, Barriers to Treatment Entry: Case Studies of Applicants Approved for Admission, RAND, 2003

Patricia Ebener and Beau Kilmer, Linking Drug Users with Treatment: Admissions Counselors Describe the Barriers, RAND, 2003

Patricia Ebener and Jacob Klerman, Welfare Reform in California: Results of the 1999 All-County Implementation Survey, RAND, 2001

Patricia Ebener with Jacob Klerman, et. al., Welfare Reform in California: State and County Implementation of CalWORKS in the Second Year, RAND, 2001

James N. Dertouzos and Patricia A.. Ebener, A Profile of San Bernardino County CalWORKs Caseload, RAND, 2000

Neal Halfon, Patricia A.. Ebener, Narayan Sastry, Phinney Ahn, Lauren Cherman, John Hernandez, Don Wong, Roberta Wyn, California Health Report, RAND, 2000

K. Jack Riley, Patricia Ebener, James Chiesa, Susan Turner, and Jeanne Ringel, Drug Offenders and the Criminal Justice System: Will Proposition 36 Treat or Create Problems?RAND, 2000

James N. Dertouzos, Eric V. Larson, Patricia Ebener, The Economic Cost and Implications of High-Technology Hardware Theft, RAND, 1999