Sarah E. Evans

Photo of Sarah Evans
Assistant Policy Analyst
Santa Monica Office


B.S. in economics, U.S. Air Force Academy


Sarah Evans is a doctoral candidate at the Pardee RAND Graduate School an assistant policy analyst at RAND. Upon graduation, Evans will be an operations research analyst for the U.S. Air Force.­­ Evans graduated with academic distinction from the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA). She earned a B.S. in economics while minoring in Japanese. In addition to her degree requirements, Evans also studied operations research analysis. As team lead for an operations research capstone project, she collaborated on a more flexible USAFA summer scheduling system to continue accomplishing the mission with expected future decreases in manning. Because of her language skills, Evans was selected to represent the United States at the 15th Annual International Cadets Conference in Yokosuka, Japan, where she made presentations and participated in debates about global issues with future officers from all over the world. Though her language education background is primarily in Japanese and Spanish, Evans was selected for the Chinese Language Enabled Airmen's Program. Her research interests include cost/budget analysis, efficiency, and international relations.