Audra K. Grant

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Political Scientist
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Ph.D. in political science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; B.S. in journalism, Northwestern University


Audra Grant is a political scientist at the RAND Corporation, where she has worked on various projects concerning the evolution of domestic politics of Iraq; tribal configurations and insurgent group organization in Iraq; development in Al-Anbar province; the nature of apocalyptic rhetoric in Muslim discourse and Muslim perceptions thereof; the structure of attitudinal support for radicalism in the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia; and issues related to democracy and governance in Africa and the Middle East and to societies in transition. A former intelligence analyst at the U.S. State Department, Grant focused on Middle East political analysis and on implementing and analyzing public opinion research in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). She has conducted research on the dynamics of political Islam; democratization; and U.S. foreign policy in her extensive travels to the MENA, including Iraq. She has published articles on party dynamics in Algeria and Morocco; peace and reconciliation in Algeria; attitudes among Arab-Israelis; identifying support for democratization among Palestinians; gender as a determinant of support for political Islam and hard-line foreign policies; and illicit trade patterns in Africa. A visiting scholar at Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane, Morocco (2006–07), Grant taught courses on Middle East politics and U.S. foreign policy and is an adjunct professor at The George Washington University. She is fluent in German and proficient in Arabic. Grant has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

Recent Projects

  • Dynamics of political Islam in North Africa and the Levant
  • Democratization in Morocco and Algeria
  • Political futures of Iraq
  • Social service provision functions of Islamist organizations in Iraq
  • Living conditions in Iraq's Anbar Province

Selected Publications

Audra Grant, "The Structure of Attitudinal Support for Democracy: The Case of the Palestinian Authority," Arab Studies Quarterly, 2002

Audra Grant et al., "A Test of the Gender and Pacifism Hypothesis: Findings from Israel and the Arab World," Conflict and International Relations in the Arab World

Audra Grant, "Trafficking in Africa," Smuggling and the Threat to National Security