Joanna Hofman

Joanna Hofman, H0712
Research Leader
Cambridge Office


M.Econ.Sc. in European economics and public affairs, University College Dublin, Ireland; M.A. in international relations, Warsaw University, Poland

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Joanna Hofman is a research leader at RAND Europe conducting research on employment and social inclusion. She specialises in qualitative research methods of data collection and has extensive experience in designing and conducting in-depth interviews, focus groups and case studies. She managed a study for the UK Department for Work and Pensions and Department of Health on psychological wellbeing and work that recommended several policy options to help people with mental health needs find and maintain their jobs. Other examples include a study on the socio-economic inclusion of migrant EU workers, external evaluation of the European Programme for Integration and Migration and a study on innovative methods and procedures to assess counter-violent-radicalisation techniques in Europe.

Before joining RAND Europe, Hofman worked as a senior evaluation consultant conducting numerous studies of public policies and programmes in the EU. Previously, she worked in Poland, where she was responsible for evaluating programmes financed from the European Social Fund. She represented Poland at the Local Employment and Economic Development Programme at the OECD and at the Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs of the European Commission. She has carried out several trainings for public sector clients—including the European Institute for Public Administration and Cambridge University—on evaluation approaches, research designs, methods and techniques.

Hofman holds an M.A. in international relations and an M.Econ.Sc. in European economics and public affairs. She is a member of the Polish Evaluation Society, the Social Research Association, and the European Evaluation Society.

Recent Projects

  • Workplace Wellbeing Charter - Analysis of Take-Up and Impact
  • Socio-economic inclusion of migrant EU workers in four cities
  • Provision of data analysis & intelligence on skills and labour markets
  • Psychological wellbeing and work: improving service provision and outcomes
  • An evaluation of the Atlantic Philanthropies Migration Programme

Selected Publications

Harte, E., J. Hofman, and A. Sikiaridi, The Role of the European Social Fund in Supporting Childcare Provision in the European Union, RAND (RR-1364), 2016 (forthcoming)

Janta, B., J. Hofman, E. Harte, S. Hoorens, Socio-economic inclusion of migrant EU workers in 4 cities, City report Leeds, European Commission, 2015

Cancedda, A., M. Curtarelli, S. Hoorens, T. Viertelhauzen, and J. Hofman, Socio-economic inclusion of migrant EU workers in 4 cities. Synthesis Report, European Commission, 2015

Hofman, J., J. Exley, T. Bienkowska-Gibbs, S. Castle-Clarke, M. Morgan Jones, V. Van Dyck, S. Gonzalo, J. Corbett, F. Lejeune, and E. Nolte, Evaluation of the implementation of the Commission Communication 'Combating HIV/AIDS in the European Union and the neighbouring countries, 2009-2013', European Commission, 2014

van Stolk, C., J. Hofman, M. Hafner, and B. Janta, Psychological wellbeing and work: improving service provision and outcomes, DWP, 2014

Stronkowski P., A. Matejczuk, M. Zych, M. Andrzejewska and J. Hofman, Analiza programu prac spolecznie uzytecznych w wojewodztwie podlaskim, Wojewodzki Urzad Pracy w Bialymstoku, 2012

Hofman J. "Evaluating the policies of the European Union in Poland," in A. Fouquet and L. Measson, L'evaluation des politiques publiques en Europe. Cultures et futurs, L'Harmattan, 2009

Hofman J. "Regional Differences in Following Active Labour Market Policy in Poland," in Larsen L.B., Working Regions, Conference Proceedings of the Regional Study Association of the Winter Conference, Regional Study Association, 2008

Honors & Awards

  • RAND Europe 2014 President's Award for conducting high-quality research and analysis
  • Scholarship for national government officials of new Member States, Irish Government
  • Chevening Scholarship, British Government


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