Tom LaTourrette

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Senior Physical Scientist
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in geology, California Institute of Technology; B.A. in geology, University of California, Berkeley

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Tom LaTourrette is a senior physical scientist at the RAND Corporation, specializing in energy, public safety, and homeland security policy. His energy and natural resource research has examined management options for spent nuclear fuel, supplying biomass fuel for energy, prospects for developing oil shale resources, assessing natural gas resources on federal lands, and mining technology. His public safety and homeland security research addresses emergency responder safety and health, disaster response, the federal role in catastrophe insurance, terrorism risk modeling, and aviation and border security. LaTourrette has testified before the Secretary of Energy's Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future, was a member of the Government Accountability Office's Yucca Mountain Alternative Uses expert panel, FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program Reform academic expert panel, and the California Little Hoover Commission's advisory panel for Safeguarding the State: Preparing for Catastrophic Events. LaTourrette holds a Ph.D. in geology from the California Institute of Technology.

Recent Projects

  • Options for managing nuclear waste
  • Assessing biomass resource availability
  • Earthquake insurance and disaster assistance
  • Occupational safety and health for public safety employees
  • Terrorism risk assessment

Selected Publications

Tom LaTourrette et al., Supplying Biomass to Power Plants: A Model of the Costs of Utilizing Agricultural Biomass in Cofired Power Plants, RAND Corporation (TR-876-NETL), 2011

Tom LaTourrette et al., Earthquake Insurance and Disaster Assistance: The Effect of Catastrophe Obligation Guarantees on Federal Disaster Assistance Expenditures in California, RAND Corporation (TR-896-CEA), 2010

Tom LaTourrette et al., Managing Spent Nuclear Fuel: Strategy Alternatives and Policy Implications, RAND Corporation (MG-970-RC), 2010

Tom LaTourrette et al., Occupational Safety and Health for Public Safety Employees: Assessing the Evidence and the Implications for Public Policy, RAND Corporation (MG-792-CHSWC/NIOSH), 2008

Henry Willis and Tom LaTourrette, "Using probabilistic terrorism risk modeling for regulatory benefit-cost analysis: Application to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative in the Land Environment," Risk Analysis, 28:325-329, 2008

Tom LaTourrette et al., Reducing Terrorism Risk at Shopping Centers: An Analysis of Potential Security Options, RAND Corporation (TR-401), 2007

James Bartis et al., Oil Shale Development in the United States: Prospects and Policy Issues, RAND Corporation (MG-414-NETL), 2005

Tom LaTourrette et al., Protecting Emergency Responders, Volume 2: Community Views of Safety and Health Risks and Personal Protection Needs, RAND Corporation (MR-1646-NIOSH), 2003

Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: ABC News (Chicago); Associated Press; CNN Radio; CQ Homeland Security Digest; KCBS Radio; Los Angeles Daily News; South China Morning Post; Tampa Tribune; United Press International

Commentary: Orange County Register; United Press International; U.S. News & World Report


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    San Onofre Risk Factors

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