Hangsheng Liu

Photo of Hangsheng Liu
Policy Researcher; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Boston Office


Ph.D. in health services research and policy, University of Rochester; M.S. in social medicine and health management, Fudan University; B.Med. (medical degree), Shanghai Medical University


Hangsheng Liu is a policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, the practice lead in technology and population health for RAND Health Advisory Services, and a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Trained in medicine and public policy, he has extensive experience using economic and policy analyses to support decisionmaking for employers, technology companies, and governments.

In prior work, Liu has evaluated various new technologies, program interventions, and public policies, such as technologies on e-prescribing and medication adherence, employer-sponsored health and wellness programs, innovations in primary care, workers' compensation programs and payment reforms, quality improvement initiatives, and laws and regulations. He has also helped clients develop pricing strategies for new medical technologies and guide their marketing efforts. In addition, Liu has extensive knowledge in the Chinese health care system and its recent health reform. Recently, he helped a client conceptualize a new health care model for China that will enable the country to manage its increased burden of chronic disease and improve its population health.

Liu received a B.Med. (medical degree) from Shanghai Medical University, an M.S. in social medicine and health management from Fudan University, and a Ph.D. in health services research and policy from the University of Rochester.

Recent Projects

  • Economic evaluation of workplace wellness programs
  • Development of pricing and marketing strategies for a new medical device
  • Economic evaluation of a new primary care model
  • Analysis of the formation of accountable care organizations
  • Forecasting health care costs for a country in the Middle East

Selected Publications

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