Steven Martino

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Behavioral Scientist
Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in psychology, University of Minnesota; B.A. in psychology, Boston College

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Steven Martino is a behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation. He is an expert in the application of cognitive and behavioral theory to understand the initiation and development of health and risk behaviors. Much of his research has focused on psychosocial aspects of adolescent substance use, social cognitive processes involved in adolescent sexual behavior, and the influence of various media (including television, movies, music, and various forms of advertising) on adolescents' beliefs and behaviors regarding sex and substance use. Martino also has experience conducting research on informational interventions for health care consumers using cognitive testing, surveys, focus groups, lab studies, and field evaluations. For the past several years, he has been a key member of RAND's CAHPS Reports Team, directing development and testing of consumer reports on health care quality, conducting lab studies of how consumers use quality reports in decisionmaking, and developing and testing physician feedback reports. Martino received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Minnesota.

Recent Projects

  • Evaluating the Causal Pathways from Lapse to Relapse in Smokers
  • Modeling the Effect of Cigarette Advertising on Adolescent Smoking
  • Sample Design and Data Analysis of the Medicare Health Plan CAHPS Surveys
  • Influence of New Media on Adolescent Sexuality

Selected Publications

S. C. Martino et al., "Multiple trajectories of peer and parental influence and their roles in the development of adolescent heavy drinking," Addictive Behaviors, 34:693-700, 2009

S. C. Martino et al., "Beyond the," Pediatrics, 121(3):e612-e618, 2008

S. C. Martino et al., "Developmental trajectories of substance use from early to late adolescence: A comparison of rural and urban youth," Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 69(3):430-440, 2008

S. C. Martino et al., "Multiple trajectories of physical aggression among adolescent boys and girls," Aggressive Behavior, 34(1):61-75, 2008

S. C. Martino et al., "Virginity pledges among the willing: Delays in first intercourse and consistency of condom use," Journal of Adolescent Health, 43(4):341-348, 2008

S. C. Martino et al., "Exposure to degrading versus non-degrading music lyrics and sexual behavior among youth," Pediatrics, 118(2):e430-e441, 2006

S. C. Martino et al., "Socio-environmental influences on adolescents' alcohol outcome expectancies: A prospective analysis," Addiction, 101(7):971-983, 2006

S. C. Martino et al., "Social cognitive mediators of the relationship between exposure to television's sexual content and adolescents' sexual behavior," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 89(6):914-924, 2005


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