Patrick Mills

Photo of Patrick Mills
Senior Operations Research Analyst
Santa Monica Office


B.A. and M.S. in industrial engineering, Texas Tech


Patrick Mills is an operations research analyst at RAND's Project AIR FORCE. At RAND, Mills has co-led projects aimed at changing Air Force support policies and processes to impact the effectiveness and efficiency of Air and Space Expeditionary Forces (AEF). His work in the area of combat support command and control led to shifts in Air Force policy, doctrine, and organizations to better meet AEF goals. His work in capabilities-based programming has led the Air Force to fundamentally change the way it plans and programs for bare base equipment and other war reserve materiel. His work has included projects aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the U.S. military distribution system, improving methods and tools to develop Air Force deployment requirements, sustaining the AEF structure, sustaining the Global Positioning System, and estimating manpower requirements for stability operations. Mills is currently leading a project to conduct a comprehensive strategic reassessment and rebalancing of Air Force combat support capabilities to meet the demands of the emerging security environment.

Recent Projects

  • Sizing and Posturing ACS for Future Strategic Requirements
  • Cost-Based Analysis of the BP Mission Performed by Forward-Based Forces in Europe
  • Balancing Combat Support Resources
  • Basing Options for Unmanned Aerial Systems in the PACOM AOR

Selected Publications

Raymond Pyles, Robert S. Tripp, Kristin F. Lynch, Don Snyder, Patrick H. Mills, John G. Drew, A Common Operating Picture for Air Force Materiel Sustainment: First Steps, RAND (MG-667-AF)

Don Snyder, Patrick H. Mills, A Methodology for Determining Air Force Deployment Requirements, RAND (MG-176-AF)

Don Snyder, Patrick H. Mills, Adam Resnick, Brent D. Fulton, Assessing Capabilities and Risks in Air Force Programming: Framework, Metrics, and Methods, RAND (MG-815-AF)

Don Snyder, Patrick H. Mills, M.J. Carrillo, Adam Resnick, Supporting Air and Space Expeditionary Forces: Capabilities and Sustainability of Air and Space Expeditionary Forces, RAND (MG-303-AF)

Patrick H. Mills, Ken Evers, Donna Kinlin, Robert S. Tripp, Supporting Air and Space Expeditionary Forces: Expanded Operational Architecture for Combat Support Planning Execution Control, RAND (MG-316-AF)

Don Snyder, Patrick H. Mills, Katherine Comanor, Charles Robert Roll, Sustaining Air Force Space Systems: A Model for the Global Positioning System, RAND (MG-525-AF)