Edmundo Molina-Perez

Photo of Edmundo Molina-Perez
Assistant Policy Analyst
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. candidate in policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; M.S. in systems engineering and policy analysis, Delft University of Technology; B.S. in civil engineering, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Edmundo Molina-Perez is a Ph.D. candidate at the Pardee RAND Graduate School and an assistant policy analyst at RAND. He has an M.S. in engineering and policy analysis from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and a B.S. in civil engineering from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Molina-Perez worked for the Central Bank of Mexico as a planning analyst, for Deloitte Consulting as a technology analyst, and for UNAM's Engineering Institute as a junior researcher. His research has focused on renewable energy technologies and technology policy analysis. His interests include climate change, sustainability, technological transitions, modeling methods, and exploratory analysis.


  • report

    The Industrial Base for Carbon Dioxide Storage: Status and Prospects

    If policies aimed at large reductions of carbon dioxide emissions are enacted, more carbon capture and storage will be needed. RAND researchers explored the ability of the industrial base to support the expansion of carbon storage.

    Mar 18, 2013

  • journal article

    Strategic Issues Facing Transportation

    STREAM is a process that transportation agencies can use to identify, assess, shape, and adopt new and emerging technologies to help achieve long-term system performance objectives. The process reflects relevant trends in technologies and their applications and is designed to help transportation agencies anticipate, adapt to, and shape the future.

    Jan 1, 2013