Ellen M. Pint

Senior Economist
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D., Graduate School of Business, Stanford University


Ellen M. Pint is a senior economist at RAND. She is currently working on studies assessing potential savings from a block buy contract for the Joint Strike Fighter, and industrial base risks from common components in Air Force and Navy strategic missiles. Other recent work includes developing improved crosswalks between military and civilian occupations for Army soldiers leaving active duty and active component support for Army National Guard and Army Reserve training. Pint has also conducted research for the U.S. Army on infrastructure issues, the effects of equipment age on maintenance costs, logistics financial management policies, and outsourcing and privatization of support functions. Pint received a Ph.D. in Business (Economic Analysis and Policy) from Stanford University in 1989.

Recent Projects

  • Assessment of F-35 Block Buy Procurement Cost Savings
  • Assessing Risks of Commonality Between GBSD and SLBM
  • Review of Army Total Force Policy Implementation
  • Army Rail and Public-Private Partnerships
  • Facilitating AC-to-RC and AC-to-Civlian Transitions

Selected Publications

Ellen M. Pint, Matthew W. Lewis, Thomas F. Lippiatt, Philip Hall-Partyka, Jonathan P. Wong, Tony Puharic, Active Component Responsibility in Reserve Component Pre- and Postmobilization Training, RAND Corporation (RR-738-A), 2015

Edward G. Keating, Ellen M. PInt, Christina Panis, Michael H. Powell, Sarah H. Bana, Defense Working Capital Fund Pricing in the Defense Finance and Accounting Service: A Useful, but Limited, Tool, RAND Corporation (RR-866-OSD), 2015

Lisa Pelled Colabella, Aimee Bower, Lionel A. Galway, Ellen M. Pint, Jason Eng, Measuring the Value of Renewal: Age, Operational Tempo, Deployment, and Reset Effects on the Readiness and Maintenance Costs of Army Vehicles, RAND Corporation (DB-648-A), 2013

Ellen M. Pint, Amy Richardson, Bryan W. Hallmark, Scott Epstein, Albert L. Benson, Jr., Employer Partnership Program Analysis of Alternatives, RAND Corporation (TR-1005-A), 2012

Ellen M. Pint, Lisa Colabella, Justin Adams, Sally Sleeper, Improving Recapitalization Planning: Toward a Fleet Management Model for the High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, RAND Corporation (TR-464-A), 2009

Bruce Orvis, Nelson Lim, Ellen Pint "Army Reserve Component Accessions and Losses," in John Winkler and Barbara Bicksler, eds., The New Guard and Reserve, Falcon Books, 2009

Honors & Awards

  • Medal for Exceptional Public Service, 2008, Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Board of Directors, 2007-2010, Western Economic Association International
  • Rhodes Scholarship, 1982-84, Rhodes Trust