Denise D. Quigley

Denise Quigley
Senior Project Associate
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in public policy analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School; M.A. in German, Monterey Institute of International Studies; M.A. in international policy, Monterey Institute of International Studies


Denise Quigley is a senior project associate at the RAND Corporation. She has experience in evaluating interventions and performance/quality improvements across various healthcare settings. Quigley is leading a study of the use of CAHPS PCMH items during primary care PCMH transformation as well as the development and field testing of a provider survey for workers' compensation physicians about injured workers access to care. She has led several large-scale, mixed methods demonstration projects, including the study of anonymous patient safety reporting of concerns, study of patient centered communication in high-performing physicians, what aspects of communication predict overall physician ratings for specialists, and provider's motivation to improve communication skills. Quigley has worked with and helped facilitate healthcare delivery organizations in their implementation and evaluation of Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles and data decision making for performance improvement in their delivery of care. She has published original research on how to trend surveys overtime, what aspects of doctor-patient communication predict overall ratings of physicians by specialty, understanding reporting practices of CAHPS sponsors, use of patient experience surveys, sequencing of change in PCMH transformation, and the evaluation and challenges in implementing patient safety programs and quality improvement efforts aimed at patient experience. Quigley is one of the authors of the CAHPS Ambulatory Care Improvement Guide. She was previously a senior researcher at UCLA's Center for the Study of Evaluation. Quigley received her Ph.D. in public policy analysis from Pardee RAND Graduate School.

Recent Projects

  • Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
  • Improving Quality and Value in Healthcare (RAND)
  • Consumer Reporting System of Patient Safety
  • Evaluation of Workers Compensation Physician Reporting and Medical Legal Exams
  • Medicare CAHPS Implementation

Selected Publications

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