Michael S. Rendall

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Adjunct Social Scientist
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Ph.D. in sociology, A.M. in economics, Brown University; M.A. in sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara; B.B.S. in psychology, Massey University, New Zealand

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Michael S. Rendall is the director of the Maryland Population Research Center and an adjunct social scientist at the RAND Corporation.

Recent Projects

  • Immigration, Emigration, and Age-by-Country Structure of Mexican Cohort Lifetimes
  • U.S.-Born Children in the U.S.-Mexico Migration System
  • The Role of Migrant Women in the European Labour Market
  • Combining Survey and Population Data on Birth and Family

Selected Publications

Rendall, Michael S., Mark S. Handcock, and Stefan H. Jonsson, "Bayesian estimation of Hispanic fertility hazards from survey and population data," Demography, 46(1):65-84, 2009

Rendall, Michael S., Olivia Ekert-Jaffé, Heather Joshi, Kevin Lynch, and Rémi Mougin, "Universal versus economically polarized change in age at first birth: a French-British comparison," Population and Development Review, 35(1):89-116, 2009

Rendall, Michael S., and Berna M. Torr, "Emigration and schooling among second-generation Mexican-American children," International Migration Review, 42(3):729-738, 2008

Chaudhuri, Sanjay, Mark S. Handcock, and Michael S. Rendall, "Generalized linear models incorporating population level information : an empirical-likelihood-based approach," Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, 70(2):311-328, 2008

Rendall, Michael S., Ryan Admiraal, Alessandra DeRose, Paola DiGiulio, Mark S. Handcock, and Filomena Racioppi, "Population constraints on pooled surveys in demographic hazard modeling," Statistical Methods and Applications, 17(4):519-539, 2008

Handcock, Mark S., Michael S. Rendall, and Jacob E. Cheadle, "Improved regression estimation of a multivariate relationship with population data on the bivariate relationship," Sociological Methodology, 35(1):291-334, 2005

Jonsson, Stefan H., and Michael S. Rendall, "The fertility contribution of Mexican immigration to the United States," Demography, 41(1):129-150, 2004

Agree, Emily, Beverley Bissett, and Michael S. Rendall, "Simultaneous care for parents and care for children among mid-life British women and men," Population Trends, 112:29-35, 2003