Mike Scarpati

Photo of Mike Scarpati
Assistant Policy Analyst
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. candidate, Pardee RAND Graduate School; B.S. in business administration, Washington Univ, St Louis


Mike Scarpati is a Ph.D. candidate at the Pardee RAND Graduate School and an assistant policy analyst at RAND. Scarpati completed his undergraduate studies at Washington University in St. Louis, with majors in economics, strategy and organization, and human resources. He has also taken classes in mathematics, computer science, and industrial engineering from Columbia University, Arizona State University, and University of Missouri–St. Louis. Upon graduating from Washington University, he worked for The Boeing Company in the Business Career Foundations Program, a fast-paced leadership development program. During his time at Boeing, Scarpati was involved in various functions with products at each stage in the product lifecycle, from the business strategy of the newly formed Boeing Energy Systems to supplier management on the Harpoon missile program. While at RAND, he is exploring national security policy and acquisition issues, as well as branching out into energy, infrastructure, and logistics.


  • Strategic Issues Facing Transportation

    STREAM is a process that transportation agencies can use to identify, assess, shape, and adopt new and emerging technologies to help achieve long-term system performance objectives. The process reflects relevant trends in technologies and their applications and is designed to help transportation agencies anticipate, adapt to, and shape the future.

    Jan 1, 2013