Peter Schirmer

Photo of Peter Schirmer
Director, Emerging Policy Research & Methods; Associate Director, Manpower and Training Program, RAND Arroyo Center; Senior Management System Analyst
Washington Office


M.B.A., Georgetown University; M.P.P., University of Michigan; B.A., University of Kentucky


Pete Schirmer is RAND's Director for Emerging Policy Research and Methods and also serves as Associate Director of the Arroyo Center's Manpower & Training Program. His research focuses on military manpower, personnel, and force structure. His RAND publications include Leader Development in Army Units: Views From the Field; Developing U.S. Army Officers' Capabilities for Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational Environments; Issues in Army Noncommissioned Officer Development in a Changing Strategic Environment; Fiscally Informed Total Manpower; Assessing the Army's Assignment Policy for Women; Challenging Time in DOPMA: Flexible and Contemporary Officer Management; New Paths to Success: Determining Career Alternatives for Field-Grade Officers; and Aligning the Stars: Improvements to General and Flag Officer Management.

Recent Projects

  • General and flag officer management
  • Roles, responsibilities, and duties of Army NCOs

Selected Publications

Peter Schirmer, et al., Leader Development in Army Units: Views from the Field, RAND (MG-648-A), 2008

Margaret C. Harrell, et al., Assessing the Assignment Policy for Army Women, RAND (MG-590-1-OSD), 2007

Beth E. Lachman, et al., Installation Mapping Enables Many Missions: The Benefits of and Barriers to Sharing Geospatial Data Assets, RAND (MG-552), 2007

Peter Schirmer, et al., Challenging Time in DOPMA: Flexible and Contemporary Military Officer Management, RAND (MG-451), 2006