Claude Messan Setodji

Photo of Claude Setodji
Senior Statistician
Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in statistics, University of Minnesota


Claude Messan Setodji is a senior statistician at the RAND Corporation. His research interests include applications of statistics to public policy, especially in health care cost and care, causal inferences, sampling techniques, and data reduction and visualization. Setodji's current work focuses on improved quantitative methods in health and child development quality assessments and the development of statistical methods for inference on ecological momentary assessment of health and behavior intention outcomes. He is also currently working on causal inference propensity score methods in the presence of measurement errors in covariates. He recently led RAND projects including the evaluation of the redesign of the Nationwide Inpatient Sample and the development of small area estimation cost-effective and statistically reliable approaches for deriving estimates of the prevalence of various health risk behaviors, risk factors, and outcomes in small racial, ethnic, and other hard-to-reach populations in the U.S. Setodji is the lead statistician on the Urologic Diseases in America project that has been documenting the impact of urologic diseases on the American public and its policy implications. He also has interest in international education and health care policy. He earned his Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Minnesota.

Recent Projects

  • Identifying Threshold Levels of Structural and Process Quality
  • Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems CAHPS IV
  • Assessment of Advertising on smoking behavior
  • Urologic diseases in America
  • Evaluation of Federally Qualified Health Center Demonstration

Selected Publications

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Setodji C.M., Le, V. and Schaack D., "Accounting for Movement between Childcare Classrooms: Does it Change Interpretations of Teacher Effects?" Applied Developmental Psychology, 33(1):1-12, 2012

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