In Memoriam

Donald Stevens

Photo of Donald Stevens
Senior Engineer
Off Site Office


B.S. in mechanical engineering, University of Southern California


Donald Stevens, a senior engineer at the RAND Corporation, passed away on August 19, 2014.

He served as director of the Force Modernization and Employment Program with RAND Project AIR FORCE and also did work with RAND National Security Research Division and others. In his 27 year career at RAND, Stevens led research in the areas of force sizing, force mix, combat aircraft force employment, avionics requirements, electronic warfare, aircraft survivability, and LAX airport security. Prior to joining RAND, he worked for ten years as a senior engineer for Northrop Corporation. Stevens received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Southern California.

Selected Publications

Donald Stevens et al., Implementing Security Improvement Options at Los Angeles International Airport, RAND Corporation (DB-499-1-LAWA), 2006

Donald Stevens et al., Near-Term Options for Improving Security at Los Angeles International Airport, RAND Corporation (DB-468-1-LAWA), 2004

Donald Stevens et al., The Next-Generation Attack Fighter: Affordability and Mission Needs, RAND Corporation (MR-719-AF), 1997