Stephanie L. Taylor

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Social Scientist
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Ph.D. in sociomedical sciences, Columbia University


Stephanie Taylor is a social scientist with the RAND Corporation. As a public health and health services researcher, she examines how contextual factors (i.e., neighborhoods, health care settings, etc.) are related to health and health service utilization in issues such as patient safety, HIV care, mental health care, physical activity and nutrition. Taylor's interests also include examining racial/ethnic disparities in health and service utilization, focusing on how contexts can contribute to those disparities.

Selected Publications

Taylor SL , Ridgely S, Greenberg MD, Sorbero ME, Teleki SS, Damberg CL, Farley DO., "Experiences of AHRQ-Funded Projects That Implemented Practices for Safer Patient Care," Health Services Research, 2009

Taylor SL, Collins R, Elliott MN, Ringel J, Kanouse DE, and Beckman R., "The Relationships Between States' DUI Policies and HIV-Positive Persons' Drinking," AIDS & Behavior, 2009

Ryan G, Taylor S, Martinez H., Cohen D, "Food Beliefs and Behaviors Among Minnesotans: An Exploratory Study," RAND DRR-4433-BCBS, 2008

Taylor SL, Leibowitz A, Simon PA, Grusky O., "Neighborhood effects of HIV testing: a multi-level analysis," AIDS & Behavior, 2007

Taylor SL, Fremont A, Jain A, McLaughlin R, Peterson E, Ferguson B., Lurie N, "Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Care: The Perspectives of Cardiovascular Surgeons," Annals Thoracic Surgery, 2006

Taylor SL, Burnam MA, Sherbourne C, Andersen R, Cunningham WE, "The relationship between type of mental health provider and met and unmet needs in a nationally representative sample of HIV positive patients," J Behav Health Serv Research, 2004

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