Georges Vernez

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Director, RAND Center for Research on Immigration Policy; Senior Social Scientist
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in urban and regional development, M.C.P., University of California, Berkeley; M.C.E. in transportation engineering, University of Texas, Austin; B.C.E. in civil engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Georges Vernez is a senior social scientist at the RAND Corporation and director of the RAND Center for Research on Immigration Policy. His 30-plus years of research focuses on immigration policy and effects, immigrant assimilation, education, and military manpower policies. His publications include Immigration in a Changing Economy: California's Experience (1997), Closing the Education Gap: Benefits and Costs (1999), and Reauthorizing No Child Left Behind: Facts and Recommendations (2010). Major projects he has led or participated in include longitudinal evaluations of the implementation of No Child Left Behind, the California classroom reduction program, and school reform programs. He also led various studies of training needs and development of U.S. Air Force officers and participated in the implementation of clinical guidelines in Army medical centers. Currently, he is leading the development of a strategic plan for education in Kurdistan and an evaluation of school base management in Indonesia. Vernez's expertise includes immigration and education reform policies, survey design and analysis, conduct of interviews and focus groups, strategic planning, and multivariate analysis. Vernez received his Ph.D. in urban and regional development from the University of California, Berkeley.

Recent Projects

  • Evaluation of No Child Left Behind
  • Comprehensive school reform
  • Costs and benefits of education
  • Implementation of clinical guidelines
  • Effects of immigration on California

Selected Publications

Brian M. Stecher, Georges Vernez, Rerauthorizing No Child Left Behind: Facts and Recommendations, RAND Corporation (MG-977-RC), 2010

Georges Vernez, Karen,Ross, Scott, Naftel, State and Local Implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act--Title I School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services: Final Report, U.S.Department of Education, 2008

Georges Vernez, Cathy Krop, Murka Vuollo, Janet S. Hansen, Toward a K-20 Student Unit Record Data System for California, RAND Corporation (MG-695-WFHF), 2008

Georges vernez, Albert A. Robbert, Hugh G. Massey, Kevin Driscoll, Workforce Planning and Development Processes: A Practical Guide, RAND Corporation (TR-408-AF), 2007

Georges Vernez et al., Evaluating Comprehensive School Reform Models at Scale: Focus on Implementation, RAND Corporation (MG-546), 2006

Georges Vernez et al., Improving the Development and Utilization of Air Force Space and Missile Officers, RAND Corporation (MG-382), 2006

Georges Vernez, The New Melting Pot: Changing Faces of International Migration and Policy Implications for Southern California, Pacific Council on International Policy, 2006

Georegs vernez, Richard A Krop, C. Peter Rydell, Closing the Education Gap: benefits and Costs, RAND Corporation (MR-1036-EDU), 1999



Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: Los Angeles Times; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; United Press International