Military Logistics Program

Sailors direct an Army steamroller into the water during JLOTS. Photo Credit: Elizabeth M. LorgeRAND Arroyo Center conducts analyses to help the Army improve support to operational forces, enhance the effectiveness of its business processes, and optimize the industrial base and support infrastructure. At the strategic level, research on military logistics helps the Army to develop both a compelling vision of future support capabilities and an effective strategy for executing the vision. In accordance with the vision, Arroyo develops and evaluates alternatives in major logistics policy areas:

  1. institutional Army and Joint operational support policies, processes, and structures;
  2. industrial base policies and structures; and
  3. fleet management planning.

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles and Humvees sit in a retrograde property assistance team holding yard at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, pending shipment to their final destination.  Photo Credit: Maj. Carol McClellandArroyo also identifies and evaluates improvements to logistics processes that will enhance performance and deployability or will reduce costs while maintaining or even improving effectiveness, and provides analytic support to Army implementation efforts. These improvements include changes in financial management policies and processes that would improve the effectiveness and responsiveness of the Army’s logistics processes. In all these areas, Arroyo draws on extensive research capital to provide timely short-term analytic assistance to senior decisionmakers on urgent logistics issues.

To accomplish its mission, the program sustains research streams in four policy domains:

  • Supply chain management.
  • Fleet management and modernization.
  • Logistics force development.
  • Infrastructure management.

Inquiries about the Military Logistics Program or its activities can be directed to:
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