Client Services for the Private Sector

Innovative, Appropriate, and Cost-Effective Solutions for Business

The problems facing corporations and private-sector firms today are as difficult and complex as those facing governments and nations. RAND offers the expertise and sophisticated analytical tools developed over nearly 60 years of working on the critical problems of the day. RAND can help when there are no templates, where new ground needs to be broken, where problems need to be defined in a new way, where research in specific content areas will benefit your business, and where private interests intersect with public policy.

RAND excels at providing consulting services and analysis for unique clients with extraordinary needs. We work with you to assemble agile project teams tuned to your specific needs and can provide unparalleled insight into the convergence of public- and private-sector trends.

Our broad range of expertise and long history of proven results are matched only by our hard-won reputation for quality, objectivity, and integrity.


Competition today requires innovative ideas and integrative perspectives. While strategic thinking — across organization, space, and time — is still in great demand, immediate and sensible action is imperative. RAND can provide valuable strategic advice and practical operational improvements to enhance your company's competitiveness and improve its bottom line, especially in areas where the public and private sector converge.

RAND has been a major contributor to governmental research and decisionmaking for more than 60 years. Now, your business can access the best thinking that RAND has to offer — systematic, multidisciplinary, empirically rigorous, original, and trustworthy. Combining world-class multifunctional teams of experts with RAND's uncompromising analytic approach, we add to your firm's skills and infuse new ideas into your problem-solving.

Selected Areas of Expertise

Optimization of Complex Operations

Analyzing systems and operational data, we help our clients to understand better the implications of their operational assumptions and constraints and to improve their utilization of resources and system performance.

Strategy and Managing Uncertainty

Analyzing and integrating factors such as future demand, technological developments, and the behavior of market players, we help our clients manage the uncertainty in their world. Our approaches cover diverse areas and major investment decisions.

Workforce Planning

Applying a powerful combination of computerized tools and analytic methodology, we create integrated, technologically advanced approaches to workforce management for even the most complex organizations.

Additional client services include

  • alternatives modeling
  • assumption-based planning
  • demographic and economic analysis
  • diversity Management
  • public- and private-sector convergence
  • survey research.

RAND's portfolio of private-sector clients includes manufacturing, utility, transportation, petrochemical, information, banking, and health care companies and organizations. See our client list for more information.

Business solutions are available directly from many RAND divisions, including