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September 2006

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RAND Spotlight: Unconquerable Nation

Brian Michael Jenkins Proposes Anti-Terrorism Strategy, Defends Civil Liberties

In Unconquerable Nation, world-renowned terrorism expert Brian Michael Jenkins assesses the state of U.S. counterterrorism efforts. He argues that the “global war on terror” has conflated too many threats and lumped together too many missions. The focus of U.S. counterterrorism efforts must return to the destruction of the jihadist enterprise. The war on terror cannot be the sole framework for American foreign policy.

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Prescription medicinePatients continue to take expensive specialty drugs even when their co-payments rise. The best way to hold down costs for employers and health insurance plans is to make sure the medications are prescribed only to the patients who can truly benefit from them..

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Center Focuses on Health Economics Research

Nurse iwth babyImproving health and the efficiency of health care service delivery are among today's most vexing public policy problems. With the help of a generous donation from former RAND trustee Peter Bing, RAND created the Bing Center for Health Economics to address these issues with innovative, high-profile research.

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Five Decades of Research Reveal Lessons for Counterinsurgency Operations

Photo courtesy of U.S. Army

The conduct of the war on terror demands that the United States improve its ability to conduct counterinsurgency operations. Recommendations include implementing or expanding amnesty and reward programs and focusing pacification efforts on the lowest political echelons.

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Sep. 1: National Security Newsletter
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Briefings, Events, and Testimony

Congressional Briefing
Sep. 11: Unconquerable Nation: Knowing our Enemy, Strengthening Ourselves, By Brian Michael Jenkins

Policy Forum

Oct. 5, 2006: A Vision for the Arts In Los Angeles: Opportunities and Challenges

PRGS - Washington Defense Security Course
Oct. 30 - Nov. 3: New Security Challenges: Policy Issues and Analytic Approaches

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News Releases

RAND Study Shows Providing Health Insurance to Low-Income Children Improves Their Quality of Life

New Family of Space-Launch Vehicles Likely to Meet National Security Needs Through 2020, But No Commercial Cost-Sharing Is Likely

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Tighten Up Mass-Transit Security
By Peter Chalk (Newsday)

U.S. Mideast Setbacks
By Robert E. Hunter (United Press International)

Mississippi Comeback
By George Penick and K. Jack Riley (Los Angeles Times)

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