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September 2007

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Assessing Teacher Quality Under No Child Left Behind

A central goal of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) is to ensure that every child is taught by a highly qualified teacher. Most teachers meet their states' requirements, but it is uncertain if some states' standards are sufficiently high.

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Girl with doctorExpanding opportunities for immigrants to obtain legal residency and citizenship may be the best option to offer them better access to health care. Factors that affect their access to health care include: socioeconomic background, immigration status, limited English proficiency, and more.

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Understanding and Reducing Terrorism Risks in Ungoverned Territories

JungleGovernments around the world should take a new approach to fighting terrorism by treating regions where governmental control is weak as a distinct category of security problems.

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Why Are Eligible Children Not Enrolled in SCHIP?

Infant getting a checkupA greater number of eligible children could be enrolled in SCHIP if application processes were simplified and educational outreach efforts were increased. Also, primary care quality could be improved and disparities reduced if policies ensured that children had access to a regular provider when they needed care.

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Congressional Newsletters

Sep. 17: Health Newsletter
A Preview of Part D: How Limits on Drug Benefits Affect Retiree Prescription Use

Sep. 01: National Security Newsletter
A summary of new studies for the last month

Aug. 27: Education Newsletter
No Child Left Behind: Assessing the Impact of Educational Options for Title I Schools; Assessing the K-12 School System in Qatar

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Briefings and Testimonies


Sep. 12: Protecting Emergency Responders at Large-Scale Incidents
By Brian Jackson

Sep. 05: Research and Development Issues for Producing Liquid Fuels from Coal
By James Bartis

Sep. 12: The Role of the Department of Defense in Provincial Reconstruction Teams
By Michelle Parker

Congressional Briefing

Oct. 15: Have Military Divorce Rates Increased Since 9/11?

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News Releases

Patients with Depression Seeing Primary Care Physicians Frequently Do Not Receive High Quality Care

LRA Contracts with Nationally Recognized Firm to Conduct Independent Review of Road Home Operations

RAND Gulf States Policy Institute Opens Office in New Orleans

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Combating Radicalization
By Brian Michael Jenkins (United Press International)

Are the Sunnis Changing Sides
By James Dobbins (International Herald Tribune)

Katrina Proved We Must Do Better Job of Protecting Our Protectors
By Brian A. Jackson (Clarion-Ledger)

Spending Aid to Palestinians Wisely
By David Aaron and C. Ross Anthony (International Herald Tribune)

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