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June 2009

RAND Spotlight: Objective Analysis.  Effective Solutions. Terrorism Strategy.

Dangerous But Not Omnipotent: Exploring the Reach and Limitations of Iranian Power in the Middle East

Iran's rise as a regional power presents a key foreign policy and security challenge to the United States, but its reach may be more limited than Western conventional wisdom suggests. U.S. strategy should work to exploit existing barriers to Iran's harmful activities, while simultaneously seeking areas of engagement.

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child's hands fingerpaintingIn an era of fiscal crisis, California can still improve access and quality in its early childhood education system through low-cost improvements that adopt efficiencies and better use existing resources. Such measures will also allow the system to lay the foundation for greater improvements in the future when more resources are available.

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Social Science for Counterterrorism: Putting the Pieces Together

drawing of puzzle piece assembly of buildingWhy does terrorism arise and decline? Why do people become terrorists or disengage? An interdisciplinary project addresses these questions and more to pull together the pieces regarding root causes of terrorism, individual radicalization, public support, and the ways in which terrorism fades.

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RAND Review, Latest Issue: Cost Controls

RAND Review CoverThe feature story topics in this issue - how government can get more bang for its buck, how science can help us understand climate change, the promise of health information technology, foregoing conventional wisdom to advance negotions with Iran - have been RAND research priorities for years but have recently become national priorities for the United States. In each case, the evidence gleaned can now shape the contours of the policies being formed.

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Understanding the Dangers of Politically Motivated Violence in Southeast Asia: Implications for U.S. Counterterrorism Policy

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Accountability in Public Education

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Jun. 12: Dealing with a Defiant North Korea


Jun. 11: The PLA Navy's "New Historic Missions": Expanding Capabilities for a Re-emergent Maritime Power

RAND Supply Chain Policy Center Symposium

Jun. 09: Modernizing the U.S. Freight Transportation System for Future Economic Growth

Congressional Panel Discussions

Jun. 8: Engaging Iran: Opportunities and Obstacles
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News Releases

California Parolees Have a High Need for Health Services, but Accessing Services Is a Challenge

U.S. Freight System Modernization Necessary to Reduce Bottlenecks, Improve Security

Limiting Work Hours For Medical Residents Could Cost Hospitals $1.6 Billion Annually

Equity Concerns Raised by Transportation Congestion Pricing Can Be Addressed To Make Approach Viable

Economic Costs of Major Oil Supply Disruption Pose Risk to U.S. National Security

Records From Coalition Provisional Authority Shed Light on Occupation of Iraq

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Getting Value from the U.S.-ROK Summit
By Bruce W. Bennett (The Korea Herald))

Lebanon Vote Tilts to the West
By Aram Nerguizian, Ghassan Schbley (The Washington Times))

Countering the Military's Latest Fad: Counterinsurgency
By Celeste Ward (The Washington Post))

Living with the Outcome: Elections in Lebanon
By Ghassan Schbley (GlobalSecurity.org))

Pakistan, Taliban and Global Security
By Robert D. Blackwill (YaleGlobal Online)

No Surprise in Failure To Deter N. Korea
By Bruce W. Bennett (Chicago Tribune)

Rethink Washington's 'War of Ideas'
By Christopher Paul (The Christian Science Monitor)

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