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RAND Education has applied its expertise to almost every aspect of the education system for more than three decades. Our staff includes more than 70 experts from a wide range of disciplines. Our research sponsors include government agencies, foundations, and private-sector organizations.

Our Work

  • Commentary

    Getting Technical: Preparing High School Students for the Workforce America Needs

    Aug 25, 2016

    With expected growth in fields such as computers, engineering, and health care, employers and policymakers have a vested interest in ensuring access to high-quality career and technical education programs so that America's high school students are prepared to meet future employment needs.

  • Research Brief

    Can Technology Make Schools Safer?

    Aug 22, 2016

    Concerns about violence have led many schools to seek out safety technologies such as metal detectors, anonymous “tip lines,” and video surveillance systems. How effective are these at helping schools prevent and respond to threats and acts of violence?

  • Essay

    Personalized Learning: The Latest Buzz in Classroom Instruction

    Aug 22, 2016

    Students in personalized learning classrooms made greater gains in math and reading than their peers in other schools. But there are barriers to fully personalized learning, including rigid state standards and time demands on teachers.

  • Report

    Options for Investing in Access to High-Quality Preschool in Cincinnati

    Aug 16, 2016

    In Cincinnati, OH, initiatives are being designed to help ensure that all income-eligible children are able to attend preschool. Decisionmakers can look to preschool initiatives in other cities for insights into developing a high-quality program.

  • Commentary

    Principals in Small Districts Receive Far Less 'Instructional Leadership' Support, Survey Shows

    Aug 16, 2016

    Until recently, little was known about how much support principals in the U.S. receive to be effective “instructional leaders.” A national survey shows that mentors and supervisors do provide feedback focused on principals' role in teaching and learning, although the amount given varies.

  • Commentary

    The High Cost of Free College

    Aug 1, 2016

    Tuition subsidies may encourage institutions to raise tuition, since the government would foot the bill. One possible solution: develop and implement policies that encourage greater productivity from higher education institutions.

Research Priorities

  • Early Childhood Education

    The years before a child begins school are critical to future learning. RAND experts examine program costs, how they are implemented, and outcomes.

  • K-12 Accountability and Assessments

    RAND Education rigorously evaluates educations programs and assessments to determine how they affect shcools, students, and teachers.

  • Post-secondary Education & Workforce Development

    Preparing students for the workforce—whether through college or on-the-job training—is central to both the educational system and to economic development.

  • K-12 Educator Effectiveness

    How do teachers impact students? RAND Education takes an objective, scientific approach to the complex task of measuring teacher effectiveness.

  • K-12 Instructional Technology

    Technology is a potentially powerful educational tool, but how it's distributed and implemented determines its impact in the classroom and beyond.

  • Out-of-school Time

    From the length of the school day to summer break, RAND research explores how time spent outside of the classroom impacts students and learning outcomes.

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