Featured Projects

  • Examining the Potential Impact of Alabama's Immigration Law

    Alabama's anti-illegal immigration law is regarded as the strictest in the United States and raises several enforcement challenges for police, schools, and other public service providers such as hospitals. RAND research on the costs and benefits of immigration may prove instructive.

  • Modeling the Economic Benefits of Malaria Control in Sub-Saharan Africa

    RAND Europe is working to capture a broader view of malaria's impacts on the economy and to estimate the potential effects that reduced malaria could have over time on consumption inequality, poverty, and dynamic growth.

  • Improving Legal Immigrants' Access to Financial Services

    Immigrants are less likely than native-born individuals to use banking services or to participate in formal retirement savings programs. The Financial Literacy Center is identifying the main barriers to these services and developing and testing new products to help improve access.

  • The Provision of Public Services by Criminal Organizations in Mexico and Brazil

    Understanding how criminal gangs and other non-state actors compete with the state to provide public services, gain popular support, and jeopardize security can help policymakers counter these groups' activities.

  • Is Being New a Risk Factor for Firms?

    This study examines the injury rate profile of new firms and seeks to answer the following questions: How do their rates change over time? Are the rates related to how long they remain in business? What policy initiatives might address the risk there?

  • Can Payment for Environmental Services Save the Rainforest?

    The Forest Allowance Program (Programa Bolsa Floresta) is an avoided deforestation initiative in Brazil that pays the local population a monthly allowance for environmental services and increases deforestation monitoring and enforcement. RAND is studying this and similar initiatives to determine their success in reducing deforestation.

  • Extending Copenhagen's Traffic Model May Help Reduce Congestion

    RAND Europe is expanding the original traffic model it developed for Copenhagen to include time-of-day choice for car drivers. Doing so will allow city planners to assess the effectiveness of different charging policies aimed at reducing congestion levels.

  • Barriers to Immigrant Use of Financial Services

    Hispanic immigrants constitute a rapidly growing share of the U.S. population but are less likely to be financially literate than natives. RAND researchers are investigating barriers to Hispanic immigrants' use of financial services and evaluates financial education materials for them.

  • Evaluation of California's Injury and Illness Prevention Standard

    California workplaces have been required to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program since 1991, but it has been unclear whether the IIPP requirement has helped improve workplace safety. CHSW research found that having inspectors conduct more in-depth assessments and linking violations and injuries to the IIPP would have more impact.

  • Informing the Choice Between Lump Sums and Retirement Annuity Payouts

    Households annuitize very little of their retirement savings. The Financial Literacy Center is studying the annuitization choices of retiring workers, designing and implementing new communication strategies that will raise acceptance of annuities, and examining the effectiveness of these strategies.

  • Does Disability Insurance Save Lives?

    Previous research has shown that changes in income and health insurance are associated with changes in health and/or mortality. An examination of administrative data may show whether receipt of Social Security Disability Insurance and participation in related programs causally affect survival rates among applicants.

  • Understanding How People Value the Social Security Annuity

    Currently, few Americans opt to annuitize their Social Security payments. A better understanding of individuals' preferences for annuitization, obtained via a stated-preference survey, can inform the debate on Social Security reform.

  • ImpactFinder Helps Universities Measure the Impact of their Research

    UK Higher Education Funding Councils will begin using a new Research Excellence Framework in 2014 to assess the quality and impact of a university's research before providing further funding. RAND Europe's ImpactFinder can help UK higher education institutions evaluate their research impact.

  • Refining and Evaluating a Financial "Bootcamp" for Women

    Women continue to lag behind men, not only in income, but in overall financial capability and retirement preparedness. A financial "bootcamp" may hold promise as a financial education program for early to mid-career women.

  • Examining Alternative Pathways to Retirement

    Leaving the work force early has become commonplace in developed countries. Understanding the financial incentives and other factors that induce individuals to retire early, can help policymakers design effective reforms to help guarantee the financial stability of pension systems.

  • RAPID Seeks to Enhance Wellbeing of People in Developing Countries

    Understanding the factors influencing economic growth and development is crucial to enhancing the human welfare of a nation. Research and Policy in International Development (RAPID) is a research center committed to fulfilling this objective.

  • CLASP Addresses Challenges Latinos Face at Home and in United States

    The Center for Latin American Social Policy conducts research throughout Latin America and the Latin American population in the United States in the areas of aging, social determinants and consequences of health, saving for retirement, social security coverage, labor market dynamics, and migration.

  • Calculating Uncertainty in Biomass Emissions (CUBE) Model

    CUBE 2.0, an update of the 2010 release of the 1.0 version, allows users to estimate the "farm-to-gate" greenhouse gas emissions of biomass feedstocks for energy production, as well as the uncertainty in these emissions.

  • What Are the Real-World Framing Influences on Retirement Claiming Behavior?

    Research suggests that many individuals claim Social Security retirement benefits at younger ages than may be optimal. The Financial Literacy Center is evaluating alternative ways to convey information about when to claim benefits and offering advice to enhance the Social Security Administration's online claiming website.

  • Effects of Lifetime Income Disclosure on Retirement Saving

    People have difficulty understanding how much money they must accumulate in their working years to create a sufficient stream of income once they retire. The Financial Literacy Center is exploring whether disclosing information about the monthly retirement income stream resulting from an individual's retirement account will change savings behavior.

  • Experimental Design of a Non-Contributory Social Security Program in Yucatan, Mexico

    Given the worldwide trend of aging populations, it is important to learn about the long- and short-term effects of non-contributory social security programs. With the State of Yucatan, CLASP designed such a program for towns with more than 20,000 inhabitants. The project team is now evaluating its impact on the welfare of residents ages 70 and older.

  • Assessing Quality of Care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    By measuring the quality of care for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) in a large workers' compensation provider organization in California and assessing value to workers and employers, RAND laid the groundwork for ongoing quality assessment and improvement programs in workers' compensation settings within California and elsewhere.

  • Understanding the Geography of Financial Literacy in the U.S.

    Results from the National Financial Capability Survey show the majority of Americans lack basic numeracy and knowledge of fundamental economic principles. The Financial Literacy Center is analyzing the raw survey data to construct an atlas of financial literacy among U.S. states and among some demographic groups.

  • Can Commitment Savings Help Americans Be Better Prepared for Retirement?

    Many households use commitment devices such as monthly mortgage payments, Social Security, and payroll 401(k) deductions to help them save. The Financial Literacy Center is trying to design a "new and improved" 401(k) that offers a better combination of liquidity and commitment than the current defined contribution pension.

  • Catalog of Programs to Address Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury

    The U.S. Department of Defense sponsors many programs for servicemembers and their families. RAND compiled a searchable online catalog of 211 programs that address psychological health and traumatic brain injury.

  • Encouraging Better Financial Decisionmaking Among Low-Income and Minority Groups

    Building on two video games it designed to build financial skills among low-income women, the Financial Literacy Center is now re-creating those games for Spanish-speaking players.

  • RAND Europe Improves Policy and Decisionmaking in Europe and Around the World

    RAND Europe is an independent not-for-profit research institute with offices in the UK and Belgium. Its research portfolio complements RAND's and also includes choice modeling, evaluation and performance management, innovation and technology, and more.

  • Building Financial Literacy for K-8 Pre-Service Teachers and Adult Learners

    The Financial Literacy Center is developing and testing college curricula for financial literacy instruction, suitable for adult learners and pre-service K–8 teachers. The goal of this project is to educate as many young people and adults as possible in financial matters.

  • Behavioral Finance (BeFi) Forum Promotes Research on Consumer Behavior

    The RAND Behavioral Finance (BeFi) Forum is a collective of academic, financial, and government leaders who meet regularly in person and via web seminars to foster cutting-edge behavioral research for practical application. BeFi's mission is to help consumers make better financial decisions.

  • Five Steps to Financial Planning Success

    Lack of financial literacy has been shown to be a serious obstacle to financial stability. The Financial Literacy Center is using new and innovative methods such as visual tools and the power of stories and narratives to teach basic but fundamental economic concepts that are the foundation of financial decisionmaking.

  • Making the Civil Justice System More Efficient and Equitable

    The RAND Institute for Civil Justice (ICJ) conducts research on all aspects of civil justice, from trends in litigation and jury verdicts to punitive damages, compensation systems, and alternative dispute resolution. Directly or indirectly, civil justice issues have an impact on us all.

  • Policy Spotlight: RAND Work Provides Insight Into Federal Disaster Recovery Reforms

    Recent proposed reforms to the Stafford Act (improving disaster recovery capability) and the National Disaster Recovery Framework (a guide to cooperation between federal agencies) cluster around five key areas where RAND has relevant studies offering additional insight and context.

  • Analyzing the Illicit Drug Market in the EU

    To further analyze Europe's illicit drug market and the EU's responses to it, DPRC and RAND Europe are teaming with European partners to expand their original 2009 research on the global drug market.

  • Would Changing SSDI Program Rules Induce Entry?

    Changing the Social Security Disability Insurance program rules could reduce caseload costs by encouraging a return to work, but it could also create unintended consequences by inducing more workers to apply for benefits.

  • How Does Food Environment Impact Health Outcomes?

    The PHRESH project examines how neighborhood characteristics—like access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats—could make residents more or less healthy.

  • Demonstrating the Returns to Work for Children after SSI

    When children with disabilities turn 18, most apply for SSI-disabled adult benefits without first looking for work. The Financial Literacy Center is developing a financial literacy tool for these young adults to teach the value of entering the labor market.

  • Project Helps to Build Recovery by Improving Goals, Habits, and Thoughts

    The Building Recovery by Improving Goals, Habits, and Thoughts (BRIGHT) project is a collaborative effort to understand how well cognitive behavioral therapy depression treatment works for people with substance use disorder.

  • 'Science of Science' Team Assesses Impact of Research

    How does policy support science and how does science in turn support policy? What works in terms of funding science and in maximizing academic, social and economic 'payback' from investment in science? RAND Europe is a leader in understanding the returns from different kinds of investment in science and research.

  • 'Science of Science' Team Assesses Impact of Research

    How does policy support science and how does science in turn support policy? What works in terms of funding science and in maximizing academic, social and economic 'payback' from investment in science? RAND Europe is a leader in understanding the returns from different kinds of investment in science and research.

  • What Effect Does SSDI Application Waiting Time Have on Labor Force Participation?

    The application and appeals process for Social Security Dissability Insurance (SSDI) can take months if not years, during which time applicants are not allowed to work more than a limited amount. Understanding the true application costs of SSDI can help quantify the total wefare impact of the program.

  • Comprehensive Assessment of Reform Efforts (COMPARE)

    Policymakers are facing new challenges as they implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). RAND COMPARE is a modeling tool that simulates the impact of implementation decisions on insurance coverage, premiums, and health care spending.

  • Advising the Metropolitan Water District's Blue Ribbon Commission

    The Southern California Metropolitan Water District sought advice determining which trends are most useful to monitor to implement its adaptive management strategy. RAND supported Metropolitan's Blue Ribbon Commission to develop recommendations for a new business model to help the agency meet its goals over the next fifty years.

  • Police Recruitment and Retention: Online Personnel Clearinghouse for Law Enforcement

    Part of the RAND Center on Quality Policing, the Police Recruitment and Retention Clearinghouse is a web-based resource that serves as a "one-stop-shop" for information about recruitment and retention specifically designed for the law enforcement community in order to promote evidence-based personnel planning.

  • Adaptive Management of the L.A. Metropolitan Water District's Integrated Resources Plan

    The 2010 Integrated Resource Plan Update developed by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District (MWD) includes a preferred resource mix as well as an adaptive management approach to monitor key trends and modify the resource mix as necessary. RAND helped the MWD determine which trends are most useful to monitor.

  • Center for the Study of Aging Conducts Behavioral Research on Elderly Population

    The RAND Center for the Study of Aging has conducted objective, independent, interdisciplinary research on aging and the elderly for more than 20 years. It improves public policy through primary data collection as well as secondary data analysis.

  • Is a Dream Deferred a Dream Denied? Evidence from a Mexican College Lottery

    The standard model of educational decisions predicts no (or minimal) effects of deferral on educational attainment, but this model may not tell the whole story. A study of those who were not accepted by lottery to a Mexican college shows that labor market effects must also be considered.

  • Examining the Effect of Education on Time Preferences

    Does one's level of education influence one's patience? A study examining the time preferences of students accepted by lottery to a Mexican college, compared to those of individuals who were not accepted, indicates that more educated individuals do tend to be more patient.

  • Benchmarking the Digitization of Public Services in Europe

    The European Commission's eGovernment benchmarking encourages excellence in government performance. The continuous collaboration of country representatives and the EC has created an atmosphere of friendly competition, shared learning, and benchmarked action amongst participants.

  • How Do Labor Market Shocks Affect the Timing of Social Security Benefit Claims?

    Many displaced workers suffer near-permanent losses in earnings capacity, especially during economic downturns. Understanding the relationship between labor market shocks and the decision to claim disability or retirement benefits can help policymakers prepare for future recessions.

  • Center for Disability Research Seeks to Understand Social and Economic Causes, Effects of Disability

    The RAND Center for Disability Research aims to better understand the social and economic causes and consequences of disability. Research themes include examining the roles of employers, health-care markets, knowledge networks, and social insurance programs.

  • Helping Families Raise Healthy Children

    The Helping Families Raise Healthy Children project seeks to improve identification and services for families who have a risk of experiencing caregiver depression and early childhood developmental delays.

  • The RAND International Security and Defense Policy Center

    The RAND International Security and Defense Policy Center (ISDP) explores the implications of political, strategic, economic, and technological challenges for global security, and the specific national and regional security interests of its sponsors.

  • The RAND Intelligence Policy Center

    The RAND Intelligence Policy Center (IPC) assists clients as they confront today’s rapidly evolving intelligence environment. The Center helps decisionmakers identify and define emerging threats, such as terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, which are more fragmented than the threats of the past. The Center´s research provides a strong foundation on foreign political, cultural, and military developments.

  • Longitudinal Survey Explores Indonesian Family Life

    The Indonesian Family Life Survey is an ongoing, longitudinal survey begun in 1993 that represents about 83% of the Indonesian population and includes over 30,000 individuals living in 13 of the country's 27 provinces.

  • The RAND Forces and Resources Policy Center

    The RAND Forces and Resources Policy Center (FRP) investigates policies to preserve the quality of U.S. forces and to make optimum use of personnel and defense resources.

  • Immigration Behavior and the Labor Market Decisions of Middle-Aged and Elderly Mexicans

    To understand what policies and incentives influence the decisionmaking patterns of middle-aged and elderly Mexicans, RAND researchers used panel data from the Mexican Health and Aging Study to compare the retirement behavior of non-migrant Mexicans with those who had migration spells to the United States and later returned to Mexico.

  • Effects of Legalization on the Economic Status of Immigrants

    Not enough is known about the economic effects of changing the legal status of undocumented immigrants in the United States. This project estimates the causal effects of legalization to inform future U.S. immigration reform proposals.

  • The RAND Acquisition and Technology Policy Center

    The RAND Acquisition and Technology Policy Center (ATP) addresses how accelerating technological change will influence the revolution in world affairs and transform the U.S. military establishment.

  • Calculator Shows the Cost of Crime and Value of Police

    Cost-of-crime and police effectiveness research can be used to measure how changing the size of police departments will affect overall crime costs to society.

  • RAND Europe Takes Interdisciplinary Approach to International Development Research

    The challenge of international development requires thinking beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, and RAND Europe excels in providing interdisciplinary expertise and policy-oriented perspectives. By cutting across team-based expertise and knowledge, the International Development programme addresses complex problems with tailored methodologies and appropriate and innovative perspectives.

  • RAND Europe Team Offers Strategic Futures Analyses

    By drawing on RAND's tradition of considering the future through new lenses, RAND Europe's Futures Analysis and Long-Term Planning group offers innovative, tailored approaches based on qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including scenario thinking, modeling and forecasting, gaming, road-mapping and Delphi.

  • RAND Europe Team Offers Strategic Futures Analyses

    By drawing on RAND's tradition of considering the future through new lenses, RAND Europe's Futures Analysis and Long-Term Planning group offers innovative, tailored approaches based on qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including scenario thinking, modeling and forecasting, gaming, road-mapping and Delphi.

  • Exploring the Benefits of Early Childhood Education in California

    The California Preschool Study sought to understand achievement gaps among the state's children, whether existing preschool education programs is adequate, and what efficiencies could be achieved through public funding of early childhood education.

  • Coverage of Fully-Funded Social Security Programs in Chile, Colombia and Mexico

    Chile, Colombia, and Mexico each have fully-funded, defined-contribution social security systems, yet there are significant differences in system design and incentive that may affect individuals' participation. The research team compared the differences of individual coverage in the three countries' systems.

  • Researchers Offer "On-Call Facility" for International Healthcare Comparisons

    Recognising that robust information on health systems in other countries can provide valuable lessons for the British National Health Service, the Department of Health commissioned a team of researchers at RAND Europe and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to create the "On-Call Facility" for International Healthcare Comparisons.

  • Research Addresses Issues of Water Resources Management and Planning

    RAND brings together cross-disciplinary research teams to evaluate the complex issues surrounding water resources management and planning; apply innovative methods that tackle problems from multiple perspectives and address uncertainty that is often ignored; and recommend solutions that are innovative, effective, and enduring.

  • Does Transferring Cash to Women Improve Household Well-Being?

    Many cash transfer programmes designate women and mothers as transfer recipients, on the assumption that doing so will lead to better outcomes. RAND Europe is undertaking a systematic review for the UK Department for International Development to assess whether transferring cash to women rather than men in low- and middle-income countries has a greater impact on household well-being.

  • A Prototype Interactive Mapping Tool to Target Low Health Literacy in Missouri

    This web-based mapping tool can help health care decisionmakers in Missouri identify community-level hotspots where suboptimal health care exists, in particular when it is related to low health literacy.

  • RAND Europe Team Evaluates Programs and Audits Performance

    RAND Europe's Evaluation and Performance Audit program helps decision- and policymakers improve the analysis underlying their choices. The research team works across a range of topical disciplines and uses mixed methods of inquiry involving both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

  • Displaced New Orleans Residents Survey (DNORS) Assesses Vulnerable Populations, Post-Katrina

    The new Displaced New Orleans Residents Survey examines the current location, well-being, and plans of people who lived in the City of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005.

  • RAND Project AIR FORCE

    RAND Project AIR FORCE (PAF) is the product of visionary thinking that led to a RAND-Air Force partnership now approaching its seventh decade. PAF's mission is to conduct an integrated program of objective analysis on issues of enduring concern to Air Force leaders.

  • Understanding Preferences Through Choice Modeling and Valuation

    RAND Europe's "Choice Modelling and Valuation" group provides specific expertise in using discrete choice modeling methods to understand and predict choice behavior as a result of policy intervention. This work is frequently undertaken in the transport sector, but expertise is increasingly applied in sectors including health and social care, post and communications, and provision of regulated consumer services.

  • RAND Palestine Initiative

    The RAND Palestine Initiative, a multidisciplinary team of experts from the RAND Corporation that has been working with Palestinians, Israelis, and the international community, presents key aspects of "The Arc," options for strengthening the physical infrastructure for a new Palestinian state.

  • The RAND Intelligence Policy Center

    The RAND Intelligence Policy Center (IPC) assists clients as they confront today’s rapidly evolving intelligence environment. The Center helps decisionmakers identify and define emerging threats, such as terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, which are more fragmented than the threats of the past. The Center´s research provides a strong foundation on foreign political, cultural, and military developments.

  • Examining the UK National Policing Improvement Agency's Workforce Resilience

    To help ensure the adequacy and modernisation of the British police workforce, the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) has requested that RAND Europe investigate the relationship between the demand for policing services, the risk that the demand will not be met, and the resources required to ensure that the demand is met. The RAND Europe project team is examining police force labour economic issues and where gaps may exist, with a goal to assisting the NPIA in its workforce planning efforts.

  • Financial Literacy Center Helps Promote Informed Financial Decisionmaking

    The Financial Literacy Center brings together policymakers, practitioners, and researchers in order to develop educational tools and programs that help individuals prepare for their long-term financial stability, including those with low to moderate incomes, young employees, women, people with disabilities, and seniors.

  • Reviewing Ofcom's Performance in the Context of Converged Regulation

    Since 2003, Ofcom has overseen the broader UK communications market as a converged communications regulator. At the request of the National Audit Office, RAND Europe is evaluating Ofcom's performance compared with that of other international regulators that are dealing with similar challenges, such as next generation access networks and access to emergency services using voice-over-internet protocol.

  • The RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy

    The RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy (CAPP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, multidisciplinary research center within RAND. CAPP's mission is to improve policy by providing decision-makers and the public with rigorous, objective, cutting-edge research on critical policy challenges facing Asia and U.S.-Asia relations.

  • Innovation and Technology Policies Drive Growth in Europe

    Science, technology and innovation can drive economic growth and lie at the heart of efforts to create better societies. RAND Europe's Innovation and Technology team works with public and private sector decisionmakers to help inform key decisions on science, technology and innovation policy in Europe and globally.

  • Influenza Vaccine Use by Adults in the United States

    The Flu Vaccine Survey reviews nationally representative samples of adults to collect data on the receipt of seasonal influenza vaccine in the United States.