Featured Projects

  • The Impact of Air Quality on Hospital Spending

    California's dirty air caused more than $193 million in hospital-based medical care from 2005 to 2007 as people sought help for problems such as asthma and pneumonia that are triggered by elevated pollution levels.

  • Reviewing Ofcom's Performance in the Context of Converged Regulation

    Since 2003, Ofcom has overseen the broader UK communications market as a converged communications regulator. At the request of the National Audit Office, RAND Europe is evaluating Ofcom's performance compared with that of other international regulators that are dealing with similar challenges, such as next generation access networks and access to emergency services using voice-over-internet protocol.

  • The RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy

    The RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy (CAPP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, multidisciplinary research center within RAND. CAPP's mission is to improve policy by providing decision-makers and the public with rigorous, objective, cutting-edge research on critical policy challenges facing Asia and U.S.-Asia relations.

  • Innovation and Technology Policies Drive Growth in Europe

    Science, technology and innovation can drive economic growth and lie at the heart of efforts to create better societies. RAND Europe's Innovation and Technology team works with public and private sector decisionmakers to help inform key decisions on science, technology and innovation policy in Europe and globally.

  • Influenza Vaccine Use by Adults in the United States

    The Flu Vaccine Survey reviews nationally representative samples of adults to collect data on the receipt of seasonal influenza vaccine in the United States.

  • Research Center Focuses on Homeland Security and Defense

    The Homeland Security and Defense Center conducts analysis to prepare and protect communities and critical infrastructure from natural disasters and terrorism and is a joint effort of the RAND National Security Research Division and RAND Justice, Infrastructure, and Environment.

  • PPN Policy Forum: Promising Practices Related to Child Care Quality

    This policy forum event, hosted by the Promising Practices Network (PPN), RAND Corporation, and Grantmakers for Children, Youth and Families, featured a panel of leading national experts to discuss the latest research related to assessing the quality of child care and the implications for policymakers.

  • Measuring the Impact of Local Regulation in the UK

    Local Authority Regulatory Services (LARS) are an important element of UK local government activity, but until recently their impacts were little understood. The Local Better Regulation Office (LBRO) commissioned RAND Europe to develop a means to measure the impacts and outcomes of LARS.

  • The RAND Center for Global Risk and Security

    The RAND Center for Global Risk and Security reflects the need for a focal point for crosscutting, multidisciplinary research and analysis on the increasingly complex issue of global security. It draws on the unparalleled breadth of related RAND expertise—from strategy and health to technology and criminal justice—and expands upon the long history of RAND excellence in informing security policy by exploring innovative new areas of inquiry that cut across traditional perspectives.

  • Integrating DoD's Occupational and Non-Occupational Health Services

    The Department of Defense (DoD) is considering moving toward a more integrated employee health system that includes occupational safety and health for active-duty service members. RAND compiled extensive information about the current system and requisite elements for such integration.

  • Center for State and Local Health Policy: Improving Health Outcomes in U.S. Communities

    RAND Health's Center for State and Local Health Policy represents RAND's efforts to support the work of state and local health policymakers in improving the health care and public health systems in their jurisdictions.

  • RAND Arroyo Center

    RAND Arroyo Center is the United States Army’s sole Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC). Arroyo’s mission is to conduct objective analytic research on major policy concerns emphasizing mid- to long-term policy issues, help the Army improve effectiveness and efficiency, provide short-term assistance on urgent problems, and be a catalyst for needed change.

  • Allegheny County Maternal Depression and Child Health Care Initiative

    The Allegheny County Maternal Depression and Child Health Care Initiative helped to promote healthy lifestyles and positive health outcomes, reduce preventable disease and environmental health risks, eliminate health disparities, and ensure access to quality care for young children, mothers, and families.

  • RAND Project AIR FORCE: Strategy and Doctrine Program

    Part of RAND Project AIR FORCE, the Strategy and Doctrine Program seeks to increase knowledge and understanding of geopolitical and other problems in the national security environment that affect Air Force operations. PAF maintains expertise in defense strategy; regional analysis; the objectives and tasks of evolving joint operations; and the potential contributions of air and space power to joint operations, defense planning, and requirements for force development.

  • Q-DART: Innovative Solutions to Target Gaps in Health Care Quality and Health Outcomes

    The Q-DART project uses innovative approaches to highlight gaps in quality of care and health outcomes in diverse populations. This helps health plans, public health organizations, and others concerned about improving the care that people receive allocate scarce resources more wisely.

  • RAND Gulf States Policy Institute to Update the Tracking of Those Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

    RAND Gulf States, created to assist in the long-term recovery efforts in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama following Hurricane Katrina, has launched an in-depth study due out in 2010. The Displaced New Orleans Residents Survey will examine the current location, well-being and plans of former residents of the city.

  • RAND Project AIR FORCE: Resource Management Program

    Part of the RAND Project AIR FORCE, the Resource Management Program analyzes policies and practices in the areas of logistics and readiness; outsourcing, privatization, and contracting; the industrial base; planning, programming, and budgeting; infrastructure; and weapon-system cost estimating. The goal of this program is to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Air Force operations in a resource-constrained environment.

  • RAND Project AIR FORCE: Resource Management Program

    Part of the RAND Project AIR FORCE, the Resource Management Program analyzes policies and practices in the areas of logistics and readiness; outsourcing, privatization, and contracting; the industrial base; planning, programming, and budgeting; infrastructure; and weapon-system cost estimating. The goal of this program is to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of Air Force operations in a resource-constrained environment.

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS)

    In 1999, RAND researchers and Los Angeles education officials and experts created CBITS to provide school-based mental health screening and therapy for children dealing with violence. The Support for Students Exposed to Trauma program provides a manual for teachers and school counselors on providing therapeutic lessons.

  • Special Needs Populations Mapping for Public Health Preparedness

    The Special Needs Populations Mapping tool can help public health agencies develop appropriate strategies for incorporating special needs populations into public health preparedness and response planning.

  • Helping Local Communities Assess Health

    RAND Health can assess the health care systems and capacities of counties and population centers. As communities become increasingly diverse and the economic climate shifts, policymakers need dependable data and analysis to help understand and plan for the health of residents.

  • Analyzing the Change in the Flow and Composition of U.S.-Mexico Return Migrants

    To inform the current debate on migrant selection, RAND analyzed the composition and migration flows of return migrants from the United States to Mexico from 1993 to 2004, based on data from the EMIF (Encuesta sobre Migración en la Frontera Norte de México).

  • RAND Summer Institute Conferences Address Critical Issues for Our Aging Population

    RAND Summer Institute, a Labor and Population Center for the Study of Aging program, consists of two annual conferences on aging. This year the conferences are sponsored by the National Institute on Aging and the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research and will convene in Santa Monica.

  • The RAND Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global Policy and the Future Human Condition

    The RAND Pardee Center pursues ambitious objectives: to improve our ability to think about the longer-range future – from 35 to as far as 200 years ahead – and to develop new methods of analyzing potential long-range, global effects of today's policy options in order to design sound policies that are sensitive to those effects.

  • RAND Project AIR FORCE: Manpower, Personnel, and Training Program

    Part of the RAND Project AIR FORCE, the Manpower, Personnel, and Training Program concentrates on questions about workforce size and composition and about the best ways to recruit, train, pay, promote, and retain personnel. PAF's research encompasses the total workforce: active duty, guard, reserve, civilian, and contractor personnel.

  • Center for Financial and Economic Decision Making Studies Human Behavior

    Ongoing research at the Center for Financial and Economic Decision Making (CFED) addresses the process of financial decision making over the life-cycle, in particular assessing how people collect information; how they think about risks, and probabilities; and how well they match their decisions to their preferences and interests.

  • 'COMPARE' Provides Global Positioning System for Health Care Policy

    RAND Health has launched COMPARE (Comprehensive Assessment of Reform Efforts) to help provide policymakers and interested parties with a unique way of understanding and evaluating the effects and unintended consequences of health care reform proposals certain to be introduced in the new 111th Congress and beyond.

  • RAND Research in Latin America and Africa

    RAND engages in significant research in the regions of Latin America and Africa. RAND Latin America work began during the Cold War era with in-depth analysis of U.S.-Cuban relations and has expanded to include issues related to health, education, economics, demographics, and political reform. RAND work covering sub-Saharan Africa encompasses many critical issues related to health, education, and political reform in the developing world.

  • Midseason Influenza Vaccine Use by Adults in the U.S.

    In mid-November, RAND conducted a survey of nearly 4,000 U.S. adults on whether they had received a flu shot in order to inform public health officials about midseason progress on vaccinations while action can still be taken to improve uptake. The results reveal that the majority of those who should have been vaccinated had not.

  • Improving Arts Learning Opportunities for Pittsburgh Public Schools Students

    This evaluation of arts education in grades K-12 in Pittsburgh public schools finds strengths in the school district's program hampered by uneven access and weak partnerships with community arts organizations, both perhaps due to the lack of a comprehensive district-wide arts education policy.

  • Project

    Project CHOICE Offers L.A. Teens Confidential Support Group on Alcohol and Substance Use

    Project CHOICE is a weekly confidential after-school program for Los Angeles teenagers to discuss alcohol, cigarette, and drug use, and to get information on teenage substance use, its consequences, and how to avoid it.

  • Exploring Injury and Disability Among California Public Safety Employees

    Public safety officers have much higher incidence and cost of injuries that result in disability retirement than other public employees. RAND research helped the Commission on Health and Safety Workers' Compensation and the California legislature in their efforts to provide adequate workers' compensation and disability benefits.

  • Child Policy Experts Answer Your Questions about Preventing Low Birth Weight in Infants

    Recent data suggest that the rate of LBW infants born in the United States has reached its highest level in almost 30 years. In a current project of RAND's Promising Practices Network, readers are invited to submit questions to three leading child and maternal health experts about dealing with this serious public health challenge.

  • Do Insurance Discounts Help Firms Encourage Workplace Safety?

    Some workers' compensation insurers offer discounts to firms that have safety plans. While an evaluation of the voluntary Pennsylvania Certified Safety Committee (CSC) program found that compliance did reduce injuries, most participants did not comply with CSC requirements.

  • Project

    Diversity Management Project Will Collect Data to Better Assess Workforce Policy

    A new RAND Labor and Population Project will examine how best to achieve and harness workplace diversity, a growing priority for U.S. companies and government agencies who want their workforces to reflect the evolving racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and generational makeup of American society and meet the challenges of the global market place.

  • Effects of Mexican Pension Reform on Well-Being During Retirement

    Mexico introduced personal retirement accounts in 1997, and it is important to understand who have been the winners and losers of this type of pension reform. The research team used social security administrative records to examine the effects of the Mexican pension system reform and model other outcomes.

  • Frederick S. Pardee Center for Longer Range Global Policy and the Future Human Condition

    The Pardee Center was established in 2001 to enhance the overall future quality and condition of human life by aggressively disseminating and applying new methods for long-term policy analysis in a wide variety of policy areas where they are needed most.

  • Displaced New Orleans Residents Survey: Where Are Hurricane Katrina Victims Now?

    The new Displaced New Orleans Residents Survey (DNORS) is designed to examine the current location, well-being, and plans of people who lived in the City of New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005.

  • Neighborhoods and Biological Markers of Allostatic Load

    Understanding the relationship between neighborhood characteristics and the cumulative wear and tear on multiple organ systems as a result of life stress will inform potential interventions.

  • Ask the Experts about Television Exposure in Young Children

    What does research tell us about media and outcomes for young children? Child Policy experts answer your questions on the topic of videos and television programming for children under two years old.

  • RAND Assesses Post-Deployment Health-Related Needs of Iraq Veterans

    The Invisible Wounds of War Study assessed Iraq veterans' health-related needs associated with PTSD, major depression, and traumatic brain injury; examined the treatment capacity of the current health care system; and estimated the costs of providing quality health care to all military members who need it.

  • Center Addresses Critical Issues Facing Asia

    The RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy provides analytic expertise on critical issues facing the Asia-Pacific region. These include relations between North and South Korea, Afghanistan reconstruction, nuclear proliferation in India and Pakistan, and U.S.-China economic policy.

  • No Child Left Behind Panel Discussion

    In a panel discussion hosted by the RAND Corporation, RAND researchers and experts in the field made observations on the implementation and effectiveness of No Child Left Behind. Audio of the event is available online.

  • Study Addresses Adequacy and Efficiency of Preschool Education in California

    California's sizeable achievement gaps in second and third grades have early roots. The California Preschool Study evaluates the quality of preschool education in the state and examines ways to maximize child development and school readiness benefits.

  • Health Indicators Address Quality of Care in Older Adults

    Vulnerable elders receive on average only half of recommended care; for conditions that affect primarily the elderly, they receive appropriate care less than one-third of the time. Interventions based on ACOVE indicators can improve the care physicians provide to older adults.

  • Explaining the Hispanic Health Advantage via Immigrant Selection on Health Behaviors and Chronic Diseases

    On varied measures of health, including the prevalence of certain chronic diseases, U.S. Hispanics consistently fare better than non-Hispanic whites. The aim of this research was to examine selective migration in and out of the U.S. as potential explanations for the "Hispanic health paradox."

  • A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Analyzing Global Risk and Security

    The RAND Center for Global Risk and Security draws on RAND's unparalleled breadth of expertise to provide a focal point for cross-cutting, multi-disciplinary research and analysis on the increasingly complex issue of global security.

  • Understanding How Neighborhoods Influence Health

    Neighborhoods can affect life expectancy and conditions such as heart disease and asthma. To better understand such links, RAND Health has created the RAND Center for Population Health and Health Disparities.

  • Effective State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Policy

    In a policy forum hosted by the Promising Practices Network and Kansas Action for Children, top experts from around the country shared research and practice knowledge related to federal and state SCHIP policy. Video of the event is available online.

  • RAND Education Projects Recommend Reform to Education System in Qatar

    At the request of the Qatari leadership, RAND examined the K-12 education system in Qatar, recommending options for reform and providing support for its implementation. RAND is also analyzing the scholarship system and the entire postsecondary education and training sector in Qatar.

  • Advancing Clinical Decision Support

    Advancing Clinical Decision Support is an intensive, multi-part project seeking address the major barriers that must be dealt with in order to enhance decisionmaking in clinical workflow. A particular focus of this project deals with meaningful use of electronic health record systems.

  • Center Provides Expertise on the Middle East

    The RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy (CMEPP) provides expertise on critical issues facing the Middle East. Recent CMEPP projects include education reform in the region, transition to democracy, and the viability of a Palestinian state.

  • Addressing Challenges Facing the Global Supply Chain

    The RAND Supply Chain Policy Center conducts research that helps the public and private sectors address critical issues in freight transportation to the U.S., North American, and international economies.

  • Looking Back on 25 years of Project ALERT

    25 years ago this year, Donald Hubbs, President of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, asked RAND to address the looming crisis of adolescent drug use. RAND researcher Phyllis Ellickson's ensuing work made her a pioneer in the field of prevention science.

  • Project

    Decision-making Health Policy Tools Help Improve the Lives of Older People

    The RAND Roybal Center for Health Policy Simulation works to develop better models to understand the consequences of biomedical developments and social forces for health, health spending, and health care delivery.

  • How Local Arts Education Systems Can Deliver High-Quality Learning

    A RAND Education project is analyzing six local attempts to improve arts education for children. The study examines how collaborative and coordinated efforts strive to achieve high-quality arts learning experiences across communities.

  • Pioneering Research in HIV/AIDS Health Care Services

    The HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study (HCSUS) was the first major research effort to collect comprehensive information on HIV patients and HIV care in the U.S. RAND received the 2005 Policy Impact Award from the American Association for Public Opinion Research for the work done through HCSUS.

  • Database Aids Schools in Helping Students Recover from Traumatic Experiences

    The RAND Gulf States Policy Institute has developed a toolkit designed for schools that want to help students recover from traumatic experiences. A companion database allows people to search the trauma recovery programs to find the ones that best match their needs.

  • Institute Addresses Policy Issues in Middle East Region

    Nations across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia face complex challenges in education, health care, security, and more. The RAND-Qatar Policy Institute analyzes these issues and helps implement solutions firmly rooted in regional realities.

  • Understanding Middle Eastern Youth

    What forces shape the attitudes and aspirations of the Middle East's younger generation? The RAND Initiative for Middle Eastern Youth strives to understand the complex setting affecting these young people and looks for ways to support them in achieving better lives and democratic societies.

  • Program Focuses on Infrastructure Research, Technological Innovation

    Technological innovation is central to critical infrastructures like transportation and energy systems, counterterrorism, space enterprise, and nearly every other aspect of society. RAND Transportation, Space, and Technology manages research on new technologies and their implications for the nation and the world.

  • Project

    American Life Panel Uses Internet for a Variety of Surveys

    RAND's American Life Panel surveys people age 40 and over on the Internet, which allows for greater flexibility in survey design and instantly accessible data. Current studies analyze opinions on Medicare Plan D, health shocks, and financial decisionmaking.

  • Safe Start Evaluation Project Helps Reduce Negative Impacts of Violence on Children

    Children who are exposed to violence can experience negative social and psychological effects both during the exposure and throughout their lives. The Safe Start Evaluation Project strives to find effective programs to improve children's well-being.

  • Improving Chronic Illness Care Evaluation

    The Improving Chronic Illness Care Evaluation determines the effectiveness of the chronic care model and provides ways to improve care for patients with chronic disease.

  • National Computer Security Survey Measures Impact of Cybercrime

    Sponsored by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, the National Computer Security Survey will report on the number and consequences of cyber attacks, frauds and thefts of information among the 5.3 million businesses in the United States.

  • Project Evaluates Public Health Preparedness Exercises

    The Public Health Preparedness Database is a searchable database designed to help local and state public health departments identify the best exercises to prepare for emergencies, including incidents of bioterrorism.

  • Pardee Center Suggests 50 Books to Think About the Future

    While there is no sure path to improving the future human condition, there is no shortage of books that address themselves to some aspect of improving that future. As part of its mission, the RAND Pardee Center has compiled a list of 50 such forward-thinking books.

  • Safety and Justice Program Addresses Public Safety and the U.S. Criminal Justice System

    RAND Safety and Justice conducts research and analysis on policing, law enforcement, and corrections; crime, gangs, and violence prevention; drug abuse and drug policy; administration of justice; and occupational and transportation safety.

  • Research Focuses on Successful Programs For Children and Families

    The Promising Practices Network (PPN) provides quality evidence-based information about what works to improve the lives of children, families, and communities.

  • Treating Depression More Effectively

    Most patients with symptoms of depression are not treated effectively in primary care settings. Partners in Care offers two quality improvement programs for treatment in primary care practices—one focusing on medication, the other on psychotherapy.

  • Asbestos Litigation: Tracking the Big Picture

    Who exactly should be compensated for asbestos exposure? It's an ongoing and contentious debate. RAND Institute for Civil Justice offers a growing body of research on class action lawsuits related to asbestos.

  • Program Facilitates Research on Population Trends

    Nations and families around the world face serious challenges related to population trends. The RAND program Population Matters addresses these concerns through research communication that informs policymaking and public awareness.

  • Optimizing Transport Planning and Operations

    RAND Europe's Surface Transportation Programme applies innovative methodologies to analyze transport planning and policy problems. Research focuses on safety and security of the global maritime system, road capacity, freight options, and more.

  • Statewide Evaluation of the CalWORKs Program

    RAND is conducting an evaluation of California’s implementation of welfare reform under the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunities Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) of 1996, The project is being conducted under contract from the California Department of Social Services.

  • Seeking Ways to Improve Electronic Prescribing Safety and Efficiency

    RAND Health is researching electronic prescribing as a way to deliver accurate information to the point of care, improving prescribing safety and accuracy.

  • Improving Global Health and Public Preparedness

    Drawing on RAND's expertise in health and foreign policy, the Center for Domestic and International Health Security strives to improve global health, prepare Americans to cope with the psychological effects of terrorism, and strengthen the U.S. public health system.

  • Analyzing Compensation, Liability, and Risk Insurance Policy for Terrorism

    The RAND Center for Terrorism Risk Management Policy provides research to inform public and private decisionmakers on economic security in the face of the terrorism threat.

  • Empowering Community Coalitions to Prevent Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse exacts a high toll in local communities, and implementing prevention programs can be difficult. A joint project of RAND and the University of South Carolina is trying to aid community coalitions to prevent substance abuse and improve health.

  • Project

    Center Monitors Russian Political, Economic Development

    The RAND Center for Russia and Eurasia provides policymakers, scholars, business leaders and others with an in-depth understanding of developmental processes in Russia and the New Independent States of Eurasia.

  • Project

    Evaluating California's New Drugs Laws

    In 2000, California voters approved Proposition 36, which mandates probation and drug treatment—instead of prison—for nonviolent drug possession offenses. RAND and Orange County, California, are collaborating to evaluate Proposition 36 at the county level, which may serve as a national model.