Featured Projects

  • Challenges in the Mediterranean Need Innovative Solutions

    Global strategic interest has been growing around the Mediterranean, a region facing political tensions, armed conflict, economic and social instability, and transnational criminal networks. These complex issues demand solutions that cross traditional boundaries of policymaking.

  • Building a Sustainable International Order

    Experts are assessing challenges to the post-war international order and how U.S. strategy might adapt to today's changing world.

  • Choice Modelling and Behavioural Research Capabilities at RAND Europe

    RAND Europe experts develop and use discrete choice models and conduct consumer behaviour research using revealed preference and stated preference data, depending on the policy question.

  • Transport Research Improves Policy Through Modelling, Foresight

    RAND Europe provides expertise in understanding travel behaviour, policy analysis, foresight and future analysis, and new technology assessment.

  • Program Examines Drugs, Policing and Criminal Justice in Europe

    Crime, violence, substance misuse and illicit markets harm communities across Europe. RAND Europe helps decisionmakers at national and pan-European levels assess threats and identify and develop policies to improve safety, security and other outcomes.

  • International Development Programme Takes Interdisciplinary Approach

    The challenge of international development requires thinking beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, and RAND Europe excels in providing interdisciplinary expertise and policy-oriented perspectives. We address complex problems with tailored methodologies and appropriate and innovative perspectives.

  • Evaluations of Programmes, Processes, and Impact Aim for Better Performance

    RAND Europe's expert capabilities include conducting evaluation for better performance, to help decision- and policymakers improve the analysis underlying their choices.

  • Defence and Security Research at RAND Europe

    Defence & Security researchers examine a broad range of topics for policy makers in Europe and beyond, from equipment acquisition and personnel policy to cyber security and counter violent extremism.

  • Science, Technology and Innovation Policies Drive Growth in Europe

    Science, technology and innovation can drive economic growth and lie at the heart of efforts to create better societies. RAND Europe works with public and private sector decisionmakers to help inform key decisions on science, technology and innovation policy in Europe and globally.

  • Gun Policy in America

    The RAND Gun Policy in America initiative will develop policy analysis tools and research syntheses, grounded in science, aimed at clarifying the effects of current and proposed firearms measures. The tools will document the effects of different firearms policies on gun violence, on gun rights, and on hunting and recreational gun use.

  • The RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy

    The RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy (CMEPP) brings together analytic excellence and regional expertise from across the RAND Corporation to address the most critical political, social, and economic challenges facing the Middle East today.

  • How Does Science and Technology Influence Policy Decisions and Population Wellbeing?

    Rapid innovation in science and technology has complex impacts on people, economies, legal structures and the environment. Science, Technology, and Policy focuses on the role of scientific development and technological innovation in human behavior, global and regional decisionmaking, and policy analysis.

  • What Infrastructure and Enivornmental Choices Will We Make to Address Growing Stresses of Urbanization?

    The challenges of climate change, urbanization, and disasters place unprecedented stresses on our infrastructure and require complex decisions by local and regional governance. Infrastructure Resilience and Environmental Policy addresses urbanization and other stresses.

  • Body-Worn Cameras Associated with Increased Assaults Against Police

    Rates of assault against police officers are 15% higher when they wear cameras, possibly because they feel more confident about reporting assaults once they are captured on camera or because the officers did not keep their cameras on throughout their shift.

  • Consortium for Resilient Gulf Communities

    The Consortium for Resilient Gulf Communities (CRGC) assesses and addresses the social, economic, and public health impacts of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico region. It was established in 2015 with a three-year grant from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.

  • The Appalachia Partnership Initiative

    The Appalachia Partnership Initiative seeks to support long-term, sustainable economic growth in the Pittsburgh tri-state area by preparing K-12 students and local workers for jobs in the energy and advanced manufacturing sectors.

  • Small Ideas for Saving Big Health Care Dollars

    Big proposals to rein in health care spending in the United States have encountered stiff political and organizational resistance. But adopting a combination of smaller ideas could save the U.S. health care system a total of up to $26 billion a year.

  • The American Teacher Panel and the American School Leader Panel

    The American Teacher Panel and the American School Leader Panel report on educators' evolving knowledge, attitudes, practices, and working conditions.

  • The RAND 2016 Presidential Election Panel Survey

    The RAND 2016 Presidential Election Panel Survey (PEPS) uses a unique approach to study the evolution of public opinion, voting intentions, and voter behavior.

  • The RAND Intelligence Policy Center

    The RAND Intelligence Policy Center (IPC) assists the U.S. Department of Defense as it confronts today's rapidly evolving intelligence environment. The Center's research provides a strong foundation on foreign political, cultural, and military developments.