Featured Projects

  • RAND Military Workplace Study

    The RAND Military Workplace Study (RMWS) is an independent study of sexual assault and military equal employment opportunity (MEO) violations in the active duty and reserve components of the U.S. military, sponsored by the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) within the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

  • As Negotiations with Iran Progress, Experts Look Ahead

    Negotiations have produced a framework for a nuclear agreement with Iran, with the goal of reaching a comprehensive agreement by the end of June. RAND experts are exploring what the days after a successful deal will bring in terms of U.S. options, Iranian foreign policy, and regional responses.

  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Conditional Cash Transfers as a Development Mechanism

    Conditional cash transfer programs (CCTs) are seen as particularly effective in low- and middle-income countries, but relatively little is known about the interface between the supply of services and program administration and specific human development outcomes. RAND Europe assessed the effectiveness of CCTs through a two-year grant from UK Economic Social Research Council and Department for International Development.

  • Measuring the Societal Impact and Value of Research

    Evaluations of the impact element of the UK's Research Excellence Framework 2014 show that researchers can describe the wider societal benefits of their research, and that these impacts can be assessed and compared.

  • Dispelling Myths About Armed Drones

    Armed drones have raised hopes among some for a transformational weapon to use against U.S. adversaries, and raised concerns among others about proliferation and misuse. However, drones are fundamentally misunderstood; many of the myths about them can be dispelled.

  • Promoting the Health and Well-Being of Children in Memphis

    Through research and policy analysis, RAND is helping the Urban Child Institute (UCI) support the health and well-being of young children in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee. The partnership focuses on translating research data into positive community action.

  • Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance Focuses on Nexus of Ethics, Law, and Profitability

    The RAND Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance, or CCEG, is committed to improving public understanding of corporate ethics, law, and governance, and to identifying specific ways that businesses can operate ethically, legally, and profitably at the same time.

  • WCRC Helps Organizations Plan for Climate Challenges

    The RAND Water and Climate Resilience Center conducts policy research and develops innovative tools to support decisionmakers at all levels of government as they confront challenges presented by climate change.

  • RAND on Veterans' Issues

    RAND research explores key issues concerning military veterans, including health and well-being, education, employment and family issues.

  • California's Proposition 46 and What It May Mean for Patients

    What does RAND research reveal about the potential effects of Proposition 46, a California ballot initiative that will modify non-economic damage awards for medical malpractice cases and physician drug abuse and prescribing? RAND addresses common questions about its impact in California and elsewhere in the U.S.

  • The RAND 2014 Midterm Election Opinion Study

    The RAND 2014 Midterm Election Opinion Study tracks public opinion of the U.S. midterm elections by surveying the same people over time. This allows us to observe true changes in public opinion, rather than changes based on who was surveyed randomly.

  • Exploring the Links Between Big Data and Public Policy

    Understanding the context and impacts of the complex problems associated with big data, as well as related cultural and governance issues and policy frameworks, is important to businesses, governments, research organisations, citizens and policymakers. RAND Europe connects diverse strands across these areas.

  • How Much Does Lack of Full EU Integration Cost?

    An analysis of the current state of play in the European free movement of goods allowed researchers to quantify costs due to a lack of full integration, drawing special attention to two sectors of the European economy: the construction materials sector and the medical devices sectors.

  • Evaluating SB 1041 Reforms to California's CalWORKs Program

    The California Department of Social Services has funded research to determine if SB 1041 is achieving its objectives of improving recipient well-being and flexibility of services, as well as if there are any unintended consequences.

  • Evaluating the Wellcome Trust's African Institutions Initiative

    An evaluation of the Wellcome Trust's African Institutions Initiative (AII) indicates several successes while making recommendations for the future. The AII funds consortia to build sustainable, independent health research capacity at African universities and research organisations, to promote research collaboration and to train individuals for research careers in Africa.

  • Are You Sitting Comfortably?

    A range of emerging, but important, risks to our Internet-connected living room have implications for security and privacy. Addressing these might require more action from government, industry and consumers alike.

  • RAND Competency-Based Education

    The RAND Competency-Based Education project examined pilot programs in the K-12 sector to better understand student outcomes resulting from this type of instruction, along with equity challenges that competency-based education could create or intensify.

  • Can Social Impact Bonds Breathe New Life into Public Services?

    The world's first Social Impact Bond, an innovative payment-by-results mechanism to fund public services, was implemented in a prison in Peterborough in eastern England in 2011. Midterm findings indicate it has been successful in reducing reoffending by prisoners who have served short custodial sentences.

  • Evaluation of Drug and Alcohol "Payment by Results" Pilots

    RAND Europe is helping to conduct an independent evaluation of the UK Department of Health's drug and alcohol recovery payment-by-results pilots to determine whether market forces can encourage the development of better recovery programs.

  • Improving Workforce Diversity

    Leaders want their workforces to reflect the racial, ethnic, gender, socioeconomic, ideological, and generational makeup of society. At a minimum, organizations must comply with federal equal employment opportunity and affirmative action standards. But successful organizations are adopting a broader definition of diversity that includes differences in experience, skills, and educational background.

  • Dementia Blueprint

    Annual costs of dementia exceed those of cancer and heart disease and will only continue to rise as the nation's population ages. Key policy options can help strengthen and improve long-term services and supports for those with dementia and their caregivers.

  • Innovative Preschool Academy Project

    RAND is helping bring evidence-based practice into Hopkins House's Innovative Preschool Academy (IPA), an early childhood education center located in Northern Virginia.

  • Factors Influencing Students' Choice of University in England

    Choice experiments provide fresh empirical evidence on the relative influence of tuition fee levels and other factors on the decisions of those choosing between universities. Employment prospects, living expenses, university location, course quality and tuition fees were all important.

  • The PROMIS® Smoking Initiative

    The PROMIS Smoking Initiative develops item banks to gauge how cigarette smokers understand their habit and its impact on their lives.

  • RAND New Leaders Evaluation

    The RAND New Leaders Evaluation examines implementation of the New Leaders principal preparation program from 2006 through 2013. The New Leaders approach involves rigorous recruitment and preparation of principals, ongoing support and community networks, and the commitment of partners to promote effective school and district conditions.

  • Evaluation of California's Statewide Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention Initiatives

    The RAND Corporation is evaluating California's statewide prevention and early intervention programs, which aim to reduce negative outcomes for people experiencing mental illness.

  • Redirecting Medical Product Innovation

    Realigning incentives—“carrots and sticks”—for inventors, investors, payers, providers, and patients could yield medical products that reduce spending and improve health.

  • South Asia Regional Trade and Investment Policy

    RAND identified and assessed the role of political economy and non-tariff factors that have impeded regional integration, and developed policy recommendations to promote regional integration in South Asia.

  • The American Teacher Panel and the American School Leader Panel

    The American Teacher Panel and the American School Leader Panel report on educators' evolving knowledge, attitudes, practices, and working conditions.

  • The RAND Military Caregivers Study

    The RAND Military Caregivers Study focuses on caregivers of wounded, ill, and injured U.S. military servicemembers and veterans.

  • Toolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups (TWANG)

    The Toolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups, or TWANG, contains a set of functions to support causal modeling of observational data through the estimation and evaluation of propensity score weights. TWANG has been released as a package in R, and as downloadable macros for SAS users. The team has also released a series of tutorials intended to guide analysts using the toolkit for the first time.

  • “T” Is for Technology: Early Childhood Education and the Digital Divide

    Despite the central and growing role of digital technology for knowledge-based work, children in low-income families have relatively limited access to computer-based devices, software applications, and the Internet. “T” Is for Technology explored the potential for early childhood education to help narrow this digital divide.

  • How Can Antiretroviral Therapy Prevent HIV/AIDS?

    Many complex issues surround the use of antiretroviral therapy as HIV prevention. RAND Europe is partnering with several organisations on Mapping Pathways, a project that is exploring potential treatment regimes and conduct research, community engagement, and policy work in the U.S., India, and South Africa.

  • Program Examines European Communities, Safety, and Justice Policy

    RAND Europe's program of research on Communities, Safety and Justice Policy helps decisionmakers at national and pan-European levels assess threats and identify and develop policies to improve safety, security and other outcomes, reducing harms to communities caused by crime, violence, intolerance, substance misuse and illicit markets.

  • Pardee Initiative Offers Bold Ideas for Global Human Progress

    Launched in December 2013 with a generous grant from Frederick S. Pardee, the Pardee Initiative for Global Human Progress is a new approach to chronic problems faced by the developing world, most notably food insecurity and challenges of urbanization.

  • RDMlab Innovates in Development of Robust Decision Sciences

    A collaboration among RAND, the Pardee RAND Graduate School, Evolving Logic, and network partners, RDMlab promotes the development and use of Robust Decision Making (RDM) methods for policy and decisionmaking.

  • Getting to Outcomes® (GTO) Toolkit

    The Getting To Outcomes®: Improving Community-Based Substance-Use Prevention project assesses the effectiveness of participatory methods meant to assist community coalitions in preventing substance abuse and to improve community health.

  • The RAND Health Reform Opinion Study

    The RAND Health Reform Opinion Study tracks public opinion of the Affordable Care Act by surveying the same people over time. This allows us to observe true changes in public opinion, rather than changes based on who was surveyed randomly.

  • Evaluating Delaware's Quality Rating and Improvement System for Child Care and Early Childhood Education

    The Evaluation of Delaware Stars assesses whether rating tiers reflect relevant differences in the quality of home- and center-based programs and whether the system is operating effectively.

  • Increasing Community Resilience in the Gulf States Region

    Community resilience requires participation from the whole community to improve response and recovery, and to plan for disaster recovery over the long term. This is a lesson that the U.S. Gulf States have learned in the last decade, and their experiences are helping teach other communities across the nation how to become more resilient.

  • Integrating Health Products and Behavior Change with Antenatal Services in Kenya

    RAND is partnering with the Safe Water and AIDS Project (SWAP) in Kenya to investigate whether group-based peer networks will facilitate greater engagement with health facilities and strong support for behavior change.

  • Evaluating Robust Water Management Strategies for the Colorado River Basin

    RAND worked with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and Colorado River Basin states to apply innovative robust decision methods to evaluate thousands of plausible futures on the Colorado River and develop and compare strategies to address future vulnerabilities.

  • Group Motivational Interviewing for Teens

    Group MI for Teens provides guidance on facilitating motivational interviewing (MI) interventions to groups of adolescents, helping them make healthy choices regarding alcohol and drug use.

  • ExpertLens: An Online Approach to Stakeholder Engagement and Expert Elicitation

    When making complex decisions, researchers and policymakers often seek the input of many stakeholders and individuals with varied perspectives. ExpertLens is an online application developed by research and programming experts at the RAND Corporation to help achieve these goals easily and cost effectively.

  • Resilience in Action

    Resilient communities withstand and recover from disasters. They also learn from past disasters to strengthen future recovery efforts. The Resilience in Action website offers toolkits, training, multimedia, newsletters, and other resources to help communities build and strengthen their resilience.

  • Psychological Wellbeing and Work in the UK

    Poor mental health is associated with high economic and social costs and represents a significant policy challenge in the UK. RAND Europe is identifying approaches to improve the effectiveness and alignment of health and employment services to achieve better employment outcomes for individuals with mental health problems.

  • Center Seeks to Reduce Adverse Effects of Catastrophes

    The RAND Center for Catastrophic Risk Management and Compensation seeks to identify and promote laws, programs, and institutions that reduce the adverse social and economic effects of catastrophes.

  • Improving Infant and Maternal Health in Rural Nigeria

    The BORN Study examines efforts to improve maternal and infant health in Nigeria, where more than 250,000 infants die each year. BORN findings could have wide-ranging impact on health in the region.

  • Health Services and the Head Start Program

    A RAND project surveys Head Start health managers to determine how services are prioritized, sustained, and implemented. Researchers will also identify program features and policy levers that support Head Start health services.

  • When Should NHS 'Move Care into the Community'?

    ‘Moving care into the community’ is a prominent feature of NHS policy. But when does it make sense, and when are services better provided in hospitals? RAND Europe is examining this question as it relates to outpatient clinics by carrying out a set of case studies looking at different types of intervention designed to improve effectiveness or efficiency of outpatient referrals. The project team will also examine innovative approaches to delivering services at the primary-secondary interface in a set of high income countries.

  • The RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy

    The RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy (CMEPP) provides expertise on the Middle East. CMEPP analysts are in touch with political, social, economic, and technological developments in and around the region. Through research and analysis, CMEPP helps public and private decision makers solve problems, tackle challenges, and identify ways to make society safer, smarter, and more prosperous.

  • Encouraging Workforce Development in the Gulf States

    As Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama seek to expand their economies, employers will require highly literate workers with advanced technical skills. RAND has conducted extensive research on K-12, college, and vocational education in the United States and overseas, as well as the role of education in workforce development.

  • Measuring Teacher Effectiveness Website

    Research suggests that, among school-related factors, teachers matter most to students' academic performance. What's less clear is how to measure an individual teacher's effectiveness. RAND's reports, fact sheets, blog posts, and research briefs provide clarity on this important issue.

  • CBITS Offers Online Training and Support to Improve Mental Health of Children and Families

    The Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools (CBITS) program is a school-based, group, and individual intervention. CBITS is designed to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and behavioral problems, and to improve grades and attendance, peer and parent support, and coping skills.

  • Reducing New Orleans Storm-Surge Flood Risk in an Uncertain Future

    Preparing for natural disasters is a long, multi-faceted process that requires years of planning, coordination, and direct action. RAND has developed a new approach for assessing hurricane flood risk in New Orleans under uncertainty and evaluating city-wide approaches for reducing this risk.

  • RAND Gulf States Policy Institute Supports Long-Term Strategic Planning in the Region

    Established in December 2005 to support hurricane recovery and long-term economic development, the RAND Gulf States Policy Institute is dedicated to developing informed public policy in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama and a better future for the people who live there.

  • Center on Quality Policing Promotes Efficiency, Effectiveness in Local Police Agencies

    The RAND Center on Quality Policing provides research and analysis on contemporary police practice and policy. The Center's work helps law enforcement agencies across the U.S. make better operational decisions and consistently perform at their best.

  • Are Charter Schools a Good Option in the Gulf States?

    In an effort to improve public education, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama have each examined the potential of charter schools. For nearly two decades, RAND has conducted objective, evidence-based research on choice-based education reforms to help education policymakers make the right decisions for their communities.

  • Reviewing the Impact of the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines

    Nearly 700 million people in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia rely on livestock for their livelihoods. RAND Europe is conducting an independent external evaluation of the impact, achievements and effectiveness of the first phase of GALVmed's Protecting Livestock, Saving Human Life programme.

  • Evaluating the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre Programme

    Because cancer patients often receive poorly organised and fragmented care, University College Hospital Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support have established a new cancer centre. RAND Europe is evaluating the centre's efforts and developing a sustainable quality improvement environment across the partnership.

  • Managing the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Gulf States

    HIV/AIDS can rightly be called an epidemic in the Gulf States. RAND has examined attitudes and beliefs about HIV and AIDS, the roles of faith-based and community organizations, and issues regarding AIDS treatment; this research can help Congressional, state, and local policymakers understand how to approach the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS in the region.

  • Medicines as Service May Offer New Commercial Model for Big Pharma

    If the pharmaceutical industry develops innovative and meaningful business models to offer services that improve access and adherence to prescription drugs for common chronic conditions, it can profit far more than by developing more "blockbuster" drugs.

  • Improving Occupational Health and Safety

    The RAND Center for Health and Safety in the Workplace conducts research and analysis that helps improve worker health and safety and reduce the economic costs of workplace accidents and illnesses.

  • Helping Communities Identify and Develop Effective Drug Policies

    The RAND Drug Policy Research Center (DPRC) helps community leaders and public officials develop more effective ways of dealing with drug problems. DPRC provides a firm, empirical foundation on which sound drug policies can be built.

  • RAND Provides Insight into National Flood Insurance Reform Proposals

    FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program writes the vast majority of flood insurance on residential properties in the United States; current legislation includes a number of reforms that could strengthen the program. RAND has completed studies in four key areas that offer insight into the issues under consideration.

  • Could the Strengthening of Health Systems in Africa Improve Industrial Development?

    The performance of health systems is a key determinant of the inclusiveness of economic growth. With Kenya and Tanzania as case studies, RAND Europe is exploring whether potential synergies between industrial development and health systems can contribute to faster and more inclusive growth.

  • Could Access to “Green Space” Affect Neighborhood Health?

    PHRESH Plus explores whether making parks, playgrounds, and trails—“green space”—safer and more accessible could impact the health neighborhood residents.

  • What Economic and Health Effects Has the Financial Crisis Had on Older Households?

    What effect has the financial crisis had on households and health? RAND researchers seek to quantify the effects of the crisis on older U.S. households, and the adjustments made in response. With this information, they aim to determine whether downturns in economic status are associated with declines in health.

  • Is It Possible to Compare Life Satisfaction Around the World?

    To understand what influences life satisfaction in different countries, it is important to correct for cultural differences in how people answer subjective questions. The RAND Center for the Study of Aging is attempting to increase the comparability of response scales across national boundaries.

  • International Comparisons of Well-Being, Health and Retirement

    By using newly available data from more than 15 countries, researchers are analyzing how the interaction between individual behavior, social context, institutions, and policies shapes health and well-being in old age.

  • Natural Resources and Their Impact on Economic Development

    Research conducted within RAND Environment, Energy, and Economic Development focuses on environmental quality and regulation; energy resources and systems; water resources and systems; climate, natural hazards, and disasters; and innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development.

  • Examining Housing Price Risk, Home Ownership, and Wealth

    Health outcomes may be related to financial status, including home ownership. A comparative analysis of housing price risk during economic downturns in different countries can help researchers better understand this relationship.

  • Examining the Safety Impacts of Experience Rating in Workers' Compensation

    The original purpose of experience modification rating in workers' compensation was to address insurer underwriting concerns; researchers are now exploring whether the rating also operates as an effective safety incentive for businesses.

  • Improving Governance of Social Assistance in ASEAN Countries

    Efforts to improve human development outcomes in Southeast Asia are often hindered by problems with the governance of social assistance programs. The World Bank commissioned RAND Europe to develop a toolkit on how to improve governance in ASEAN countries.

  • Evaluating Disability Ratings and Workers' Compensation Medical Treatment in California

    Evaluating California's disability ratings and worker outcomes can help to assess the accuracy and consistency of these ratings, identify potential practices and policies that would improve both the quality and the efficiency of the medical care provided under the California workers' compensation system, and increase the efficiency of the medical benefit administration.

  • RAND Research Backs Up NOPD's 2012 Crime Fighting Plan

    The New Orleans Police Department launched a new crime-fighting plan in late January, with the title "SOS: Save Our Sons." The plan was developed using policing research similar to the findings of RAND's Center on Quality Policing.

  • Targeting California's OSHA Inspections

    California's Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducts a higher percentage of accident investigations than the federal agency does. Should Cal-OSHA allocate inspection resources differently among different types of inspections and among different types of workplaces?

  • Evaluating English Program of Integrated Care Pilots

    An evaluation of 16 integrated care pilot programs in England revealed that greater integration of health and social care led to improved care processes and more satisfied staff, but some aspects of patient experience were less positive, and the intended reduction in emergency admissions was not seen.

  • Can Employer Accommodation Reduce Disability-Related Retirement?

    Employment trajectories following the onset of disability are poorly understood. Employer-focused policy interventions may reduce uptake in public disability insurance and disability-induced early retirement.

  • Will Health Care Reform Impact Applications for Disability Benefits?

    As the Affordable Care Act expands health insurance coverage in the U.S., the "cost" of applying for SSDI will decline for many. Studying the effect of Massachusetts health care reform in 2006 may provide insights into the impact the ACA may have on SSDI applications and awards.