Center for Domestic and International Health Security

The study of Domestic and International Health Security is a multidisciplinary research initiative housed within two RAND Corporation Health Centers, the RAND Center for Global Health and the RAND Center for Public Health Preparedness. Both Centers are premised on the belief that health security construed broadly—both at a global and a community level—is an essential aspect of overall personal and societal security. As such, the Centers are dedicated to a two-part mission:

  • Public Health Preparedness:: Strengthening the U.S. public health system to address emerging challenges
  • Global: Supporting the development of health systems in the global community and advancing health in foreign policy

Drawing on RAND's expertise in health and in foreign policy, the Initiave frames the issues in these areas, gathers the necessary information, and evaluates alternative strategies and programs. Initiative staff include behavioral scientists, economists, physicians, medical sociologists, organizational analysts, political scientists, and statisticians.

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