Exercises, Tools, and Drills

Pandemic Influenza Tabletop Exercise

RAND developed a fully customizable template for a tabletop exercise for pandemic influenza preparedness that can be used by state and local health agencies and their healthcare and governmental partners as an exercise in training, in building relationships, and in evaluation.

GIS Tool for Mapping Vulnerable Populations

RAND is developing an interactive web-based geographic information system (GIS) tool that will aid state and local communities in identifying and locating vulnerable populations in their jurisdiction. The tool is designed to enhance the community's ability to address the needs of vulnerable populations in its public health emergency planning and response activities.

Public Health Preparedness Exercise Database

RAND assessed existing exercises and developed a database of those exercises that met our quality criteria for use by state and local public health departments.

Proficiency Tests for 24/7 Reporting Systems

RAND developed a suite of exercises, based on simulated case reports, to help local public health agencies and their state counterparts to test and monitor 24/7 capability to respond to emergency case reports.

Strategic National Stockpile Assessment Drills

RAND developed a set of easy-to-use drill-based tools to assess the ability of state and local public health agencies to request, receive, and dispense medications and other medical materials from the Strategic National Stockpile in the event of a large public health emergency.

National VA Pandemic Influenza Planning Exercises

This project evaluated the VA's collaborative relationships with local public health and medical entities, as reported in the findings of a recent series of "tabletop" exercises, and to make recommendations aimed at helping the VA improve pandemic preparedness and veterans' health more generally.

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Exercises in Southeast Asia

RAND is working with several partners in the Mekong Basin region to strengthen national and sub-regional pandemic influenza preparedness by developing and conducting exercises for the planning and execution of responses needed in the event of a real pandemic influenza emergency.

Influenza "Look back" Tool

This project designed and tested a new tool that public health agencies can adopt to regularly "look back" at each routine annual influenza season to systematically institutionalize knowledge from one flu season to the next and incorporate lessons into preparedness activities for pandemic influenza and other public health emergencies.

Point of Distribution (POD) Location Tool

RAND is developing a tool to allow local health departments to select a pattern of POD locations for distributing medical material from the Strategic National Stockpile to their community in an efficient and equitable manner.

Decision Support Tool for Cities Readiness Initiative Sites

RAND is developing an easy-to-use, computer-based decision support tool to assist Cities Readiness Initiative sites in identifying sites for mass dispensing of medications during an emergency.

Decision Support Tool for Local Disaster Preparedness Planning

The scope of this project is to develop a decision support tool that planners at U.S. military installations, Veterans Administration and county level can jointly use for local risk assessment and capabilities-based planning for a broad range of major disasters.

Tool to Measure Connectedness Across the Public Health System

This project will develop a software tool (PARTNER) to enable public health departments and their partners to measure their intersectoral connectivity, thereby enhancing their organizational capacity and overall community resiliency to support the public health system's infrastructure.