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The RAND Health Newsletter is a monthly update that features recent research from RAND Health.

Contents of December 2005 RAND Health newsletter:

  1. New Spanish-language substance abuse prevention materials available online

    RAND Health substance abuse prevention materials, Getting to Outcomes, have now been released in a Spanish-language version. These documents, including a manual and accompanying worksheets, are targeted at schools, community groups and other agencies who have an interest in reducing drug and tobacco use among youth.
  2. Citations:

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    Chinman M, Imm P, Wandersman A, De La Torre A, Gonzalez JG. Getting To Outcomes 2004: Promoting Accountability Through Methods and Tools for Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation. RAND Corporation, TR-101-CDC, 2004.

  3. Racial disparities in the criminal justice system may translate into health disparities

    Disadvantaged racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S. are over-represented in the criminal justice systems, primarily linked to drug offenses. The use of incarceration for drug control has had significant effects on the health and well-being of these minority communities.
  4. Citation: Iguchi MY, Bell J, Rajeef R, Terry F. How Criminal System Racial Disparities May Translate into Health Disparities, Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved, Vol. 16, No. 4, Sup B, Nov 2005.

  5. Quality of care indicators developed for elderly surgical patients

    Increasing numbers of elderly patients are undergoing surgery in the U.S., and efforts are underway to increase the quality of their surgical care. This project developed process-based quality measures to help identify and achieve high-quality care for elderly surgical patients undergoing abdominal operations.
  6. Citation: McGory ML, Shekelle PG, Rubenstein LZ, Fink A, Ko CY. Developing Quality Indicators for Elderly Patients Undergoing Abdominal Operations, Journal of the American College of Surgeons, Vol. 201, No. 6, Dec 2005, pp. 870-883.

  7. HIV patients with low socioeconomic status have lower survival rates

    HIV-patients with low socioeconomic status have in the past been found to receive poorer treatment for HIV than other groups. This study finds that these groups also have much lower survival rates; patients with poor financial assets had an 89% greater risk of death and those without a high school education had a 53% greater risk of death than groups of higher socioeconomic status.
  8. Citation: Cunningham WE, Hays RD, Duan N, Andersen R, Nakazono TT, Bozzette SA, Shapiro MF. The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on the Survival of People Receiving Care for HIV Infection in the United States, Journal of Healthcare for the Poor and Underserved, Vol. 16, No. 4, Nov 2005 pp. 655-676.

  9. Higher mortality among low-birthweight infants in hospitals serving minority populations

    Previous research has suggested that high rates of infant mortality among Black low-birthweight infants may be due to racial disparities in care. Instead, this study investigates whether higher mortality rates among Black infants are due to a lower quality of care provided to all low-birthweight infants at hospitals which tend to serve large numbers of minority patients.
  10. Citation: Morales LS, Staiger D, Horbar JD, Carpenter J, Kenny M, Geppert J, Rogowski J. Mortality Among Very Low-Birthweight Infants In Hospitals Serving Minority Populations. American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 95, No. 12, Dec 2005, pp. 2206-2212.

  11. Adolescent patients with depression may be less productive at school and work

    Adolescent primary care patients who are screened for depression and found to have symptoms are at increased risk for impairment in school or work productivity, highlighting the importance of primary care physicians who are sensitive to these symptoms.
  12. Citation: Asarnow JR, Jaycox LH, Duan N, LaBorde AP, Rea MM, Tang L, Anderson M, Murray P, Landon C, Tang B, Huizar DP, Wells KB. Depression and Role Impairment Among Adolescents in Primary Care Clinics. Journal of Adolescent Health, Vol. 37, No. 6, Dec 2005, pp. 477-483.

  13. Commentary:  RAND's Executive Vice President discusses a vision for a successful, independent Palestine

    Recent commentary about RAND's research on Palestine presents a vision for the success of an independent Palestinian state. The RAND study includes a comprehensive set of recommendations to provide access to jobs, food, water, health care, housing and public services, along with improved internal and external security.
  14. Citation: Michael Rich. Vision for a Successful Palestine. Washington Times, December 14, 2005.

  15. December RAND Health Congressional Newsletter

    This month's newsletter features research on a variety of issues related to the rebuilding of the health sector of metropolitan New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.


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