June 2008

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Comparison of health systems in China and India

Health care has improved in China and India, but little has been done to protect patients against financial risk. This paper compares the two health systems along key dimensions and recommends improvements in the areas of financing, access, overuse of care, monitoring emerging diseases, and matching hospital capabilities with local needs.

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Novel collective, NHPC, continues work to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in health care

The public-private partnership of nine health plans known as The National Health Plan Collaborative is now poised to begin targeting disparities by influencing policy on relevant issues, using the data it has amassed since its establishment in 2004 and its collective industry strength.

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Physicians vary in recommendations for colon cancer patients by age and comorbidity

While physicians agree on guidelines for adjuvant chemotherapy for young, healthy patients with colon cancer, they differ widely on recommendations for older and sicker patients who have the same diagnosis.

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Cognitive Interview techniques used to develop questionnaires for nursing home residents

The Cognitive Interview technique is a method for understanding how respondents answer survey questions. The technique can be used to understand how frail and institutionalized older adults respondents comprehend surveys.

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Age and gender differences for lung cancer patients in their last year of life

Expenditure differences are generally small across gender divides for elderly lung cancer patients who are in their last year of life. However, the same may not be true for younger groups of male and female patients.

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Approaches to fighting the global obesity epidemic

Although a multi-faceted approach that incorporates economic and public health perspectives would bear fruit, the research community has focused largely on interventions limited to promoting health food intake or increasing physical activities. Other types of intervention might be more effective, but are politically unpopular.

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CAHPS® Hospital Survey improved with addition of new questions

The CAHPS® Hospital Survey has benefited from additional discharge information questions and from new coordination of care questions.

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News Releases

Virginity pledges are effective

Making a virginity pledge may help some young people postpone the start of sexual activity; adolescents who make the pledge but eventually have sex do not report lower use of condoms.

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Chloe Bird elected to the American Sociological Association's Committee on Committees

Chloe Bird has been elected to a two-year term on the American Sociological Association’s Committee on Committees as a sociologist working outside of a traditional academic setting. The Committee on Committees is one of the constitutional standing committees of the ASA and key to its governance.

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RAND champions quality of care

Dr. Elizabeth McGlynn, researcher and associate director of RAND Health, provided testimony before the Senate Committee on Finance regarding the case for keeping quality on the Health Reform Agenda.

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RAND Summer Institute to be hosted at RAND July 7-10

This is the 15th annual RAND Summer Institute. It consists of two conferences addressing critical issues facing our aging population: a Mini-Medical School for Social Scientists and a workshop on the Demography, Economics and Epidemiology of Aging..

AHRQ provides consumer resource for osteoporosis

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has used work from RAND's Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center to help consumers learn about treatment for osteoporosis.

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Fact Sheets

Pathways to Obesity: Are People "Hardwired" to Overeat?

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Congressional Newsletter

The June RAND Health Congressional newsletter topics include teen virginity pledges, a fact sheet discussing the potential cause of overeating behaviors, and research on the differences between men and women in maintaining healthy lifestyles.

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