September 2008

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Administrative barriers reduce the availability of rapid HIV testing

Reducing administrative barriers could increase access to rapid HIV testing. Non-laboratory staff also need training.

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Alcohol and tobacco ads fail to comply with restrictions

Alcohol and tobacco industries have failed to meet legal and voluntary restrictions on outdoor advertising within 500 feet of schools, playgrounds, and churches.

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Implementing evidence-based care recommendations for cancer patients

Effective physician-patient information sharing and care planning should be the rule, not the exception, in cancer care.

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Medicare HMO impact on end of life utilization

Kaiser HMO beneficiaries who died while enrolled tended to have many less hospital stays during their final two years of life than did those with traditional fee-for-service coverage.

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Screening recommendations for cancer patients

Evidence-based standards provide guidelines for screening, assessment, treatment, and follow-up for cancer-associated symptoms such as fatigue and depression.

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Subsidizing in vitro fertilization could have long-term economic benefits

Subsidizing in vitro fertilization might represent a net return to the government given the taxes that the child would pay over his/her lifetime.

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Young, bisexual women show high risk factors for substance use

Pro-drug social influences and beliefs when bisexual women are 18 are linked with serious substance abuse problems five years later.

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News Releases

Retail medical clinics attract patients without regular care providers

Retail clinics appear to be serving a population that does not have its needs met by primary care physicians. Future studies should investigate the quality of care provided by retail clinics, whose numbers are expected to increase from the current 1,000 to 6,000 by 2011.

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The Behavioral Finance Forum, an organization dedicated to helping consumers make better financial decisions, will become an initiative of the nonprofit RAND Corporation.

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War's Invisible Wounds

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Congressional Newsletter

The September RAND Health Congressional newsletter highlights research revealing that few families with chronically ill children are benefiting from the paid family leave program.

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