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Special Feature

40 years of RAND Health RAND Health Marks 40 Years of Research and Analysis

We are marking our 40th anniversary throughout 2009 by highlighting 40 studies that reflect the breadth and scope of our work and have made the greatest contribution to shaping health care policy, advancing research, and improving health around the world.

Recently featured projects:

Understanding the Effects of SCHIP

A young female patient with a female caretaker

Increasing children's access to primary care can improve their quality of life.

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cover of CBITS book

A school-based intervention helps kids cope with the effects of trauma.

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Media Influences on Teen Sexual Behavior

two teenagers hugging

Television portrayals of sex can influence teens' sexual behavior and attitudes.

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Recent Research

A toolkit for helping safety net practices implement the Chronic Care Mode

Since 2006, with funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, RAND has been collaborating with the MacColl Institute for Health Care Innovation and the California Healthcare Safety Net Institute to develop a toolkit to help safety net organizations implement the Chronic Care Model effectively.

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Helping Children Cope with Trauma After Natural Disasters

In the wake of natural disaster, children may need mental health services. This article describes insights from Project Fleur-de-Lis (an intervention mounted in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in schools in New Orleans) for triaging and treating children experiencing trauma symptoms following natural disasters.

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Adult Films Vary in Depicting Condom Use

This study found that heterosexual adult films were much less likely than homosexual films to portray condom use, raising concerns about transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, especially among performers in heterosexual adult films.

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Concerns about privacy remain major issue for nationwide health information network

The current framework of privacy laws is not well suited for regulating a transformed health care system, where computer networks supersede conventional communications media.

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Annual price growth for private pay nursing home care outpaced overall price growth and growth in the price of medical care

Estimates of annual private prices for nursing home care between 1977 and 2004 show that nursing home prices are increasing more rapidly than prices for medical care in general, suggesting increased financial pressure on Medicaid programs.

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Street gangs affect an area's overall homicide rates

Urban environments with higher densities of street gangs have higher overall homicide rates, independent of other community characteristics associated with homicide rates.

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Care for falls, urinary incontinence, and dementia remains inadequate

A practice-based intervention integrated into usual clinical care can improve primary care for falls and urinary incontinence, but even with the intervention, less than half of the recommended care for these conditions was provided.

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Do Not Resuscitate orders are often ignored

A majority of cardiac arrests occurs at the patient's home--often in the presence of family members who could explain a patient's preferences about end-of-life care. But even patients with DNR orders may be resuscitated because the family can't produce the paperwork.

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News Releases

Are pay-for-performance programs paying off?

Pay-for-performance (P4P) programs have been widely adopted, but it remains unclear how providers are responding and whether results are meeting expectation.

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Taking Stock Of Pay-For-Performance: A Candid Assessment From The Front Lines

Data from the nation's largest P4P program show some positive changes but no breakthrough improvements in the quality of care.

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The Socioeconomic, Health, Safety, and Education Disparities Faced by Boys and Men of Color in California

Research Brief Research Brief 9413 updated!

Congressional Newsletter

The March Health Congressional newsletter reviews research on health disparities and race, the costs of methamphetamine use, and some implications of weight loss surgery on pregnancy..

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