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40 years of informing the Health care debate
RAND Health: Analyzing the core issues in health care reform

For forty years, RAND analysts have been providing objective research on many of the topics now at the heart of the health reform debate.

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Recent Research

Social marketing: a promising strategy for promoting uptake of interventions

This study found that social marketing, which applies marketing techniques to promote behavioral change, is a promising approach for promoting implementation of evidence-based interventions in integrated healthcare systems.

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Validating data for studying kidney cancer surgical treatments

This study found that Medicare claims data represent an accurate data source for ascertainment of population-based patterns of surgical care among patients with early-stage kidney cancer.

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How should quality of care be measured?

Physicians need to take a leadership role in defining, measuring, reporting, and improving quality of care.

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Measuring health literacy

Improved methods for estimating health literacy would help identify communities that would benefit most from appropriate, targeted interventions in clinical settings to address poor quality care and outcomes related to low health literacy.

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Helping depressed teens has multiple payoffs

Depression hampers teens' functioning at school, at home, and among their peers.

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Can larger insurers bargain for lower drug prices under Medicare Part D?

This study found that insurers with larger enrollments of Part D patients can negotiate for lower drug prices, especially for drugs with therapeutic substitutes.

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Estimating the number of uninsured

The widely used Census Bureau estimate of the number of uninsured Americans may overstate the current total. This study recommends considering alternative data sources as a way of obtaining more accurate estimates.

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Prevention would pay off

Making older Americans healthier would increase longevity with little or no additional lifetime medical spending.

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What constitutes quality of care for terminally ill cancer patients?

Quality indicators for end-of-life care need to reflect the scope of care, be feasible to implement, and be evidence-based.

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Quality of life outcomes for prostate cancer survivors

This study presents long-term outcome results that can be used to improve medical decisionmaking for patients with prostate cancer.

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News Releases

Major health care challenges persist for D.C. children despite high rates of insurance coverage

Despite high rates of health insurance coverage among children in the District of Columbia, their access to health care is inadequate and poses a significant health problem—particularly for those who are publicly insured.

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Electronic health records linked to improved quality in primary care practices

Routine use of electronic health records may improve the quality of care provided in community-based primary care practices more than other common strategies intended to raise the quality of medical care.

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Los Angeles fast-food restaurant ban unlikely to have impact on obesity

Restrictions on fast-food chain restaurants in South Los Angeles are not addressing the main differences between neighborhood food environments and are unlikely to improve the diet of residents or reduce obesity.

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Innovation means more than something new

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Disruption and innovation in health care

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Research Highlights &
Fact Sheets

Electronic Health Records are Associated with Higher Quality in Primary Care Practices

Research Brief Research Brief 9484

Children's Health in Washington, D.C.: Access and Health Challenges Despite High Insurance Coverage Rates

Research Brief Research Brief 9482

Hold the Salt: Lowering Sodium Intake Would Improve Health and Save Money

Research Brief Research Brief 9479

Rural Hospitals Struggle to Attract Patients and Remain Viable

Research Brief Research Brief 9478

Prescription Drug Cost Sharing: A Powerful Policy Lever to Use with Care

Research Brief Research Brief 9474

A Policy-Relevant Picture of California's Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Research Brief Research Brief 9471

Congressional Newsletter

The October Health Congressional newsletter discusses Medicare's Drug Benefit program, whether or not patients avoid rural hospitals, and recent study results indicating that lower sodium intake might have major health and economic benefits. The newsletter features RAND Researcher Jose J. Escarce.

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Recent Documents

New Tools for Assessing State and Local Capabilities for Countermeasure Delivery

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The Role of Nongovernmental Organizations in Long-Term Human Recovery After Disaster: Reflections From Louisiana Four Years After Hurricane Katrina

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Health and Health Care Among District of Columbia Youth

Full Document Full document

A Review of Barriers to Medication Adherence: A Framework for Driving Policy Options

Full Document Full document

Improving the Impact and Effectiveness of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee

Full Document Full document

California Ambulatory Surgery Centers: A Comparative Statistical and Regulatory Description

Full Document Full document

Issues in "Meaningful Use" of Health Information Technology for Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Full Document Full document

National Evaluation of the Demonstration to Improve the Recruitment and Retention of the Direct Service Community Workforce

Full Document Full document

Legalizing Marijuana: Issues to Consider Before Reforming California State Law

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