December 2010

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Recent Research

Adolescents' smoking behavior is influenced by their romantic relationships

Whether or not an adolescent stops or begins smoking is influenced by whether or not his/her romantic relationship smokes.

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Low reimbursement motivates some physicians not to give infants certain combination vaccines

One in 5 pediatricians reported that inadequate reimbursement prevented their using 1 or more combination vaccines. Vaccination was less likely in smaller practices, and those with a lower proportion of publicly insured patients.

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Distinct interpretations of preparedness law impede effective collaboration for public health preparedness

Organizational culture differences between public health and emergency management entities may hinder inter-agency collaboration.

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Lack of agreement about how to define integrative health care makes it difficult to review the literature in their emerging field

Lack of definition and clarity about the term integrative medicine (also known as integrative health care) and the absence of taxonomy for models of IM make it difficult to efficiently conduct systematic reviews of the literature in this field.

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Recent Documents

Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness

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Improving Care for the End of Life: A Sourcebook for Health Care Managers and Clinicians

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Prescription for a Healthy Nation: A New Approach to Improving Our Lives by Fixing Our Everyday World

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Sick to Death and Not Going to Take it Anymore! Reforming Health Care for the Last Years of Life

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Research Designs for Estimating Induced Entry into the SSDI Program Resulting from a Benefit Offset

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Framework for assessing, improving and enhancing health service planning

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Involving the public in healthcare policy: An update of the research evidence and proposed evaluation framework

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Is Better Patient Safety Associated with Less Malpractice Activity? Evidence from California

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Research Highlights &
Fact Sheets

Private Sector Participation and Health System Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Congressional Newsletter

The December Health Congressional newsletter features research asking whether private-sector involvement helps or hurts health care in developing countries. The December issue also examines disaster case management and improving care for childhood ear infections. The December featured researcher is Joanne K. Yoong.

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News Releases

Electronic Medical Records Not Always Linked to Better Care in Hospitals

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Most Massachusetts Physician Groups Engaged in Improving Patient Experience, but Focus is Not on Physician Role

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Home Health Care Could Help Sustain Health Care Systems, but Requires Efforts by Stakeholders

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