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August 2010

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Recent Research

How Schools Overcome Barriers to Providing On-Site Mental Health Services

Schools with greater support from administrative leadership and clinician networks are more successful in implementing evidence-based mental health program to help students deal with the impact of traumatic events.

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Design Changes Can Boost the Effects of Pay for Performance Programs

Although pay for performance incentives are increasingly popular, the healthcare literature shows that these have had minimal effect. Design improvements in these programs can enhance their effectiveness.

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New perspectives on the treatment of kidney disease

A fundamental change in the treatment of chronic kidney disease has focused on slowing the disease earlier in its progression before it reaches end-stage renal disease.

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Examining the link between religiosity and substance use

Research has shown that the more religious people are, the less likely they are to have substance use disorders. This study found that this relationship is not affected by how much social support people have or their mental health status.

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Evaluating Pennsylvania's Safety Committee Program

Since 1994, Pennsylvania has provided a 5 percent discount on workers' compensation premiums for firms with a certified joint labor-management safety committee. This study found that injury rates at participating firms with good compliance records dropped more than at other firms.

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Achieving consensus on quality improvement interventions

The variety of quality improvement interventions has impeded the use of evidence review to advance quality improvement activities. Addressing this problem will require development of a generalizable framework for identifying evaluations of quality improvement initiatives.

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Eating disorders — more likely among depressed women

During the transition from adolescence to adulthood, women with higher levels of depression were more likely than other women to develop eating pathologies when romantic attachments failed.

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Featured Project

Advancing Clinical Decision Support

This joint project from RAND Health and Harvard Medical School's Partners HealthCare focuses on making Clinical Decision Support better adapted to the requirements of electronic health record systems.

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Research Highlights &
Fact Sheets

Is There a Shortage of Anesthesia Providers in the United States?

Research Brief Research Brief 9541

A "Quiet Revolution" in Nephrology: Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing the Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease

Research Brief Research Brief 9547

Congressional Newsletter

The August Health Congressional newsletter provides lessons for end-of-life care in hospitals, outlines advances surrounding the care, treatment, and prevention of kidney disease, and shares findings that fewer than half of U.S. adults received seasonal flu vaccination during the 2009–2010 flu season. The August featured researcher is Neil S. Wenger.

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Recent Documents

Policy Implications of the Use of Retail Clinics

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International variation in the usage of medicines: A review of the literature

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