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Do older colon cancer patients suffer more adverse effects from adjuvant chemotherapy?

Older patients with stage III colon cancer are less likely than younger patients to receive an effective treatment known as adjuvant chemotherapy, perhaps because of concern about adverse effects; however, this study found that older patients who received this treatment had fewer adverse events than younger patients.

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Physician-patient communication in the context of life-threatening illness

This study found that patients with life-limiting illness who had a poor understanding of prognosis were less likely to discuss care preferences with family members, suggesting the importance of provider communication with patients regarding prognosis.

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Is medicalization driving up the costs of care?

This study estimated that medicalized conditions, i.e., non-medical problems that become defined and treated as medical problems, accounted for $77 billion in medical spending in 2005, 3.9% of total domestic expenditures on health care.

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Inappropriate antibiotic prescribing and pediatric exams: The role of physician commentary

This study found that pediatricians who engaged in ongoing commentary to parents during children's physical exams were more likely to overprescribe antibiotics in cases involving viral illnesses (which typically are not treated with antibiotics).

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Assessing quality of psychotherapy for depression requires new tools

Assessments from more than 700 clinicians helped to develop a practical tool for describing the quality of cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

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Perceived problems with drinking water in a California school district

This study of perceptions of drinking water in a California school district found that school staff and public health officials have a range of concerns about water quality and availability; as some schools move to replace sugary drinks in schools and develop policies to promote water consumption, they should explore ways of addressing these concerns.

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Why are patients seeking care at retail clinics?

This study found that patients were satisfied with the overall experience and were attracted to retail clinics because of their convenient locations and fixed, transparent pricing.

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When do you really need that cigarette?

Smokers' diaries show that craving is higher when they are eating or drinking, are with other people, during work, and during activities.

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Low rates of condom use among HIV+ individuals in Uganda

In Uganda, the most significant factor in whether HIV+ couples in stable relationships use condoms is their sense of self-efficacy about condom use.

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Comparing quality of care across borders

This report describes indicators that could be used to compare healthcare quality in different countries and discusses specific problems in making comparisons at this level of detail.

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News Releases

Efforts to Promote Use of Lower-Cost Physicians May Be Based on Misleading Profiles

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Colon Cancer Treatment Often Is Less Aggressive Than Recommended by Research

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Dirty Air in California Caused $193 Million in Hospital-Based Medical Costs During 2005 to 2007

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On March 1st, noted Public Health expert Arthur Kellermann began his new position as the Director of the Public Health Systems and Preparedness initiative

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Early Diagnoses of the New Law

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Scorecard for New Health Reform Legislation

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Health Care: Myths, Realities

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Fact Sheets

Are Adolescents Talking with Their Parents About Sex Before Becoming Sexually Active?

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Post-Katrina Health Assessment Helps Develop Partnership for Post-Disaster Recovery in New Orleans

Research Brief Research Brief 9516

Cost and Health Consequences of Air Pollution in California

Research Brief Research Brief 9501

Congressional Newsletter

The March Health Congressional newsletter presents two studies. The first is a study on the medical costs of air pollution in California and the second examines the timing of when parents and children communicate about sexual topics. This month's featured researcher is John Romley.

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The Prize is Right?

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Physician Cost Profiling -- Reliability and Risk of Misclassification: Detailed Methodology and Sensitivity Analyses

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Tackling Problem Drug Use

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The Impact of Air Quality on Hospital Spending

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