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November 2010

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Recent Research

Juvenile offenders may realize they live a risky life, but that doesn't seem to motivate them to change it

Youth who think they are likely to get HIV are at greater risk for later substance abuse problems and risky sexual behaviors, but this perception doesn't cause them to reduce their substance use and change their behavior.

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"Waiting room medicine" may be technically feasible, but it is wrong

Emergency department physicians are devising an ever-expanding list of workarounds to deal with ED overcrowding, but the author argues that their success in doing so perhaps enables abuse of patients rather than their protection.

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No link found between particulate matter air pollution and venous thromboembolism

There is little evidence of an association between short- or long-term exposure to particulate matter air pollution and venous thromboembolism; and no evidence that hormone therapy is modifing such a link.

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Men are bothered by urinary, sexual, and bowel problems resulting from prostate cancer treatment

Findings of this study suggest that measurement of health related quality of life after prostate cancer treatment should incorporate the distress that patients experience from urinary, sexual, and bowel problems resulting from prostate cancer treatment.

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Prospective payment for inpatient rehabilitation facilities leads to worse patient health outcomes

Competition in the inpatient rehabilitation market seems to result in worse health outcomes, but effects may vary by condition.

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News Releases

More Resources Must Be Focused on Understanding Why Many Americans Avoid Flu Vaccine

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Art Kellermann Named New Director of RAND Health

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Antibiotic Treatment for Ear Infections in Children Provides Modest Benefits and Some Risks

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Featured Video

Anita Chandra Discusses Supporting the Needs of Veterans and Their Families

Anita Chandra

RAND Behavioral Scientist Anita Chandra outlines current and past RAND research that focuses on the issues that affect veterans, the military, and their families.

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Anita Chandra
RAND Corporation

Research Highlights &
Fact Sheets

The Influence of Personal, Family, and School Factors on Early Adolescent Substance Use

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Congressional Newsletter

The November Health Congressional newsletter features research on substance use among middle-schoolers; it also asks which physician characteristics predict quality of care. The November featured researcher is Regina Shih.

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Recent Documents

Workers' Compensation Reform and Return to Work: The California Experience

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Achieving Strong Teamwork Practices in Hospital Labor and Delivery Units

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