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September 2010

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Recent Research

Living in a lower socioeconomic neighborhood is associated with greater biological wear and tear

Findings demonstrate that where one lives is independently associated with biological wear and tear, suggesting that policies that improve neighborhood socioeconomic status may also yield health returns.

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Improving laboratories in resource-limited settings

Review of published reports, interviews with major donor organizations, and case studies of laboratory systems in 3 countries shed light on how countries and donors have worked together to improve laboratory services in resource-limited settings.

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Information from surveys can improve risk-adjustment models for children

National health surveys can provide information, including measures of special health care needs, that can improve risk-adjustment models and help provide appropriate payments to managed-care plans serving vulnerable children.

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Groups newly targeted for annual flu vaccination may need persuasion to get the vaccine

Starting in 2010, healthy adults age 19-49 will be recommended for annual influenza vaccination. Boosting rates of vaccination in this population will require new and untraditional strategies aimed at encouraging first-time vaccination.

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Home may be the best place for elderly patients leaving the hospital after a stroke or hip fracture

Inpatient rehabilitation facilities improve health outcomes for hip fracture patients but are far more expensive than discharging patients to their homes.

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News Releases

Some Hospital Emergency Department Visits Could Be Handled by Alternative Care Settings

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Information Patients Use to Choose Physicians Not Always Good Predictors of Quality

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Featured Video

The Quality of Care for Patients Dying in the Hospital: Areas for Improvement Suggest Fundamental Problem in U.S. Health Care

Neil Wenger

In this September 2010 Congressional Briefing, Neil Wenger describes a yearlong study on improving end-of-life care that can help policymakers address payment systems and other issues pertaining to quality of care for critically ill patients.

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Neil Wenger
RAND Corporation


Melony Sorbero of our Pittsburgh office has been appointed to succeed Donna Farley as Co-Director of the RAND-University of Pittsburgh Health Institute (RUPHI).


Flu and Far Between

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Research Highlights &
Fact Sheets

Is Physician Cost Profiling Ready for Prime Time?

Research Brief Research Brief 9523-1

Where Do Americans Get Acute Care? Not at Their Doctor's Office

Research Brief Research Brief 9556

How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect Employee Health Coverage at Small Businesses?

Research Brief Research Brief 9557

Congressional Newsletter

The September Health Congressional newsletter features research on the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on employee health coverage, strenghtening public health emergency preparedness, and findings showing that fewer than half of acute care visits in the U.S. involve primary care doctors. The September featured researcher is Christine Eibner.

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Recent Documents

Insights on the Effects of Marijuana Legalization on Prices and Consumption

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Policy options for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) application in healthcare; a prospective view: Final report (D5)

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Establishing State Health Insurance Exchanges: Implications for Health Insurance Enrollment, Spending, and Small Businesses

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