January 2011

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Recent Research

Physicians using results of patient experience surveys don’t focus on improving interpersonal skills

Massachusetts physicians receive detailed reports of how patients view physician performance, but focus improvement efforts on office workflow and support staff.

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Small primary care practices will need substantial support to improve care for minority patients

Small primary care practices have limited staff and fewer resources than larger group practices, making it difficult to improve care for minority patients on their own. Other challenges include language barriers and lack of information systems.

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Different ethnic/racial groups have similar expectations about how physicians and patients should interact

A nationally representative sample of white, African American, and Latino respondents reported generally similar expectations about physicians' behaviors and provided similar average responses to questionnaires about interactions with physicians.

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Poor evidence hampers efforts to develop national standards for public health preparedness

National performance standards for public health preparedness can be developed based on existing evidence, but would be helped immensely by a stronger evidence base.

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Direct to consumer marketing and clinical guidelines both affect use of health care products and services, but in different ways

Direct to consumer advertising was associated with increased overall use of a cervical cancer-screening test; clinical guidelines were associated with increased appropriate use.

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Helping Families Raise Healthy Children

The RAND Health project "Helping Families Raise Healthy Children" of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, seeks to improve identification and services for families who have a risk of experiencing caregiver depression and early childhood developmental delays.

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Recent Documents

Disease management evaluation: A comprehensive review of current state of the art

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How health systems make available information on service providers: Experience in seven countries

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A Needs Assessment of New York State Veterans: Final Report to the New York State Health Foundation

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Views from the Homefront: The Experiences of Youth and Spouses from Military Families

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Workers' Compensation Reform and Return to Work: The California Experience

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Vaccine Myths Could Cost Lives: They Don't Give You Autism, and They'll Hardly Ever Make You Sick

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Research Highlights &
Fact Sheets

Views from the Homefront: How Military Youth and Spouses Are Coping with Deployment

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Congressional Newsletter

The January Health Congressional newsletter introduces Dr. Arthur L. Kellermann, one of the nation's leading public health and emergency medicine researchers, as the new director of RAND Health. Kellermann became director. The December featured researcher is Jesseca Boyer.

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News Releases

Nearly a Quarter of New York Veterans Face Mental Health Challenges; More Coordination of Resources Needed

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Hispanic Seniors Less Likely to Be Immunized Against Flu and Pneumonia

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Children and Spouses of Deployed Military Members Report Challenges as Responsibilities Increase

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